Baseball and a bonus

Ready at 3rd baseJordan finally had a day ball game, and it was beautiful. We were in Snohomish and it reached 70 degrees. It’s amazing to think that last Saturday’s game was snowed out! (And the Saturday before that was 83!)

Bekah’s friend, Molly, and Ashley’s friend, Summer, joined us out at the field today, and then the younger girls helped me wash the car when we got home.

Willie and I got a chance to go to dinner tonight at Red Robin, thanks to a b’day coupon that I had from their b’day club. Last night, Willie participated as a driver in a youth event where he drove a vanload of girls around on a scavenger hunt. When he got home last night he told me about some of the amazing and gross things the girls did in an effort to beat the guys (which they did). So tonight, we’re on our way out of the restaurant when Willie heads to the bathroom to wash the burger off his hands. Moments later, he is shooing me out the door… “Come on, Come on!” He’s acting like something really weird was going on in there. Turns out someone has had too much to drink, too much sun, or just plain should be home in bed, cuz this poor guy was SICK. As we walked to the car, Willie tried to clear his mind of those sounds and then the thought of the previous night’s activities came to mind. During the previous night’s youth event (a type of point-building scavenger hunt), having guys vs. girls created some fierce competition. One of the big ‘point getters’ was to get one person to spit into another person’s mouth (!). So, having a competitive group of gals, they made the decision to do whatever it took to score points – resulting in a spit-swapping event. At the time, one girl spitting into the mouth of another girl was just about enough to make Willie sick, but now, as he thought about it again and had the pleasant sounds of someone vomiting reverberating in his head, it was enough to cause him to be physically sick right there in the Red Robin parking lot! I tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date and had them throw up!! He is so good natured; I was allowed a really big laugh over the whole thing. Still can’t believe it! “Swapping Spit.” It’ll make me smile for a while!


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