Expelled: The Movie

I went and saw Expelled: The Movie with Ashley this evening. I have been waiting to see this movie for almost 2 months now and am so thankful for a movie like this to come out. If you haven’t seen or heard about it, check out the website, but basically it is a documentary by Ben Stein about battle that is going on in mainstream science between Darwinists and those who would even entertain the possibility of Intelligent Design (ID). Following interviews with numerous professors and scientists who have lost their jobs due to even mentioning ID, Ben puts the pieces of the puzzle together to see that Hitler’s philosophy was Darwinistic in nature. Natural selection, by human hands.

It was especially poignant to point out to Ashley that the philosophy of all ill, weak, or disabled people being put to death (to reduce the strain on society and the gene pool) would have included her brother had we lived at that time. What an awful period in world history.

I can not do the movie justice by discussing it here. This possibly dry documentary (it is Ben Stein) was far from dull, and was educational and entertaining throughout. In the end, comparisons were drawn to the Berlin wall which was erected to keep out new ideas. As the movie closed, and the wall began to fall, the audience in our theater erupted in applause.

It is not a Christian movie (Ben being a Jew), but for kids old enough to be studying WWII and all the attrosities of Auschwitz, it is a great tool to engage in conversation regarding the pervasiveness of this theory, it’s consequences, and why we – beyond a shadow of a doubt – believe in just what the Bible says. We have experienced God, we choose to obey Him, and it is His word that tells us about Him and has the answers we seek.

By the way, even 6 year old Bekah is impacted by this pervasive thought pattern. She pulled out of her hat yesterday, “Animals are people, too.” What?! This is the girl who has never attended public school, goes to Sunday School, AWANA, and has pretty much all Christian friends – to say nothing of the teaching she receives at home! It was a slow process for the reality to sink in that God made man (in His image), then the animals, and then made a suitable helper for Adam. Animals are NOT people. Always training…


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  1. Kimi
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 10:54:43

    We took my parents to see this on Sunday evening. What a WONDERFUL movie. I liked Ben Stein before but now. wow. amazingly done.

    We have been talking about this ever since, it’s opened up dialogue for me at work (which NEVER happens) and it’s been discussed on a family level. I was especially shocked by seeing that Hitler had this reasoning behind it all. And it does make sense. If human life is just here and then gone, then what value gets put on humankind.

    And the end with the “anyone, anyone” Ferris Buehler reference. Ah it did my heart good.

    Glad to have found your blog, welcome to the blogosphere!


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