Weekend Away

Willie & Steph in the Empress Hotel courtyardWillie\'s 40!Willie and I had a wonderful weekend away this past weekend in Victoria at Alderwood’s Couple’s Retreat. Highlights included Willie’s 40th birthday, our wonderful speaker, hanging out and playing with friends, and being treated to breakfast in bed compliments of very sweet friends!

Many thanks to my long-time friend, Laura, for watching the kids all weekend!! They had a wonderful time. However, Jordan is still trying to adjust now that we’re back. It’s like he has a delayed reaction. He does ok (not great, but fine) while we’re away, but once we get back he has a really hard time being away. He was upset enough on Monday that the teachers thought we were still gone and ended up sitting with him to settle him down. And this morning, 5 minutes after putting him on the bus the driver called and said he was crying and wanted to come home because he missed me. I tried talking him down, she said he’d be fine, but then I heard him bawling in the background. He ended up coming home for the day! He gets Friday off and Monday we all head to Portland on the train for the day, so he just has to make it through tomorrow… I hope and pray there is nothing else going on.


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