Finally home!

Bug Remains from 4 Time Zones & 14 states

Bug Remains from 4 Time Zones & 14 states

We’ve made it home after 19 days on the road. It was fabulous.

I was so hoping to be able to post along our way and upload photos to go along with them, but my memory card is so large that Willie’s laptop couldn’t handle it – bummer. So, slowly, I will start with day 1 and go through our trip – amid the children’s requests and laundry. (Bekah really wants to get the pool out, the car needs to be washed – 14 states and all 4 time zones of bugs on it currently – and the weeds in the garden are awful.)

The last 24 hours have been the most troublesome of the last 3 weeks! Three-fold: 1) Heading in for a potty break yesterday afternoon, Bekah opened a steel door right over the top of her big right toe and ripped half the toe nail off. Oh, it was awful. Blood everywhere and a really tough girl screaming in pain. Thankfully, I had the 1st aid kit in the car; unfortunately, the ice pack was faulty. Willie ran in and got ice from the truck stop, as well as some ibuprofen. (Wish there was an instant spray that stopped the pain!) It bled off and on for many hours, even leaving a small pool on her sheets this morning. 2) When we finally entered WA, we made it out of the pass and to the Columbia River where we were warned of high winds. We were about halfway across the bridge when something sounded terribly wrong on top of the car with the car topper. The car was being blown around even worse than before -seemed like we had a sail on the top of our car. The plastic car topper sounded open, and at 70 mph and high winds, that’s not a good thing. Willie slowed so we could pull off to the side as soon as we crossed the bridge. A car pulled along side of us and motioned to the roof, telling us that the topper was open. The ‘good’ thing was that they didn’t tell us any bags had fallen out. An inspection of it showed that the front hadn’t latched, allowing the wind to catch the front part and actually ripped it open since the back did latch. There is now about a 15″ tear in the heavy-duty plastic car-topper that we borrowed for our trip! UGH! 3) When Jordan woke up this morning (barely, I guess), he fell down the last 5 stairs, landing on his head on the hard wood floors. He was acting so weird – stunned – that I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Seize? It was too weird to second guess, and, hearing the words of my fire fighter friend in my head ‘If you ever have a question, call us, that’s what we’re here for’, I opted to call 911. Aid car to the house. After about 30 minutes of Jordan coming back more to himself without further incident, they gave us the option of an ambulance transport to Children’s or for us to take him. They thought he should be checked out by his specialists due to his complicated history and shunts. They also said I should call the pediatrician and see if he could ‘pull some strings’ to expedite some things in the ER. The pediatrician said we could just to our typical watch of Jordan following a fall: nausea, vomitting, lethargy, that kind of stuff.

Ahh, welcome home…


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