Midwest Trip: June 20, Day 2

Our second day of driving was intentionally short so we could begin our sightseeing and not have to spend so much time in the car following a long day yesterday.
Bekah & Jordan are packed up and awaiting Daddy's loading

Bekah & Jordan are packed up and awaiting Daddy's loading

We started off with a morning swim while Willie got some work done (bummer!), and then loaded up for the first time and headed to our first stop of Little Bighorn Battlefield. This was a fascinating and somber memorial. It was at this place that Col. Custer led the 7th Calvary Regiment (a veteran group) against with the Lakota-Northern Cheyenne Indians, led by Sitting Bull, in an attempt to force them back onto their reservations. This battle is also known as Custer’s Last Stand, as it was here that he fell. Custer planned a 3-pronged surprise attack, and declined to bring gattling guns feeling that they would slow the attack and also feeling that his calvary could handle anything they met. He was very wrong. The battle lastest only two days, June 25-26, 1876, but many lives were lost between the two groups. Custer’s regiment lost 52% of its men.

Following our time at the Battlefield and looking at all the beautiful land that has been preserved and still inhabited by horses, we dropped down into Wyoming so we could see Devil’s Tower on our way to Rapid City, SD – our final destination for the night.

Wyoming was beautiful and full of old west charm. We stopped in city of Sheridan and enjoyed a trip thru history as we drove down its roads. We finally had our lunch at 4:00 at a walk-up Dairy Queen along the main street. It had been there for 52 years. Such neat history. There were also things that made us chuckle, such as the Drive-thru liquor store!

Oneo fthe first things that struck me about Wyoming was just how beautiful it was! The green of the land contrasted with the red roads and blue sky was truly amazing. The clouds ended up moving in for some showers as well as lightning and rainbows in the distance. We hit our first rain in WY, but it allowed me to see and photograph a truly picture perfect scene – looks like a postcard…

A drive through Wyoming

A drive through Wyoming

Devils Tower turned out to be further off the beaten path than we were willing to drive when we finally approached it at 6pm, so we caught glimpses of it in the distance and then moved on into Rapid City, SD.

Bekah proved time and again that despite the fact that she labels herself as “shy”, be it rest area playgrounds or pools, she can make a friend anywhere she goes in a matter of minutes.

Tomorrow? Mount Rushmore! Can’t wait!!

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