Midwest trip: June 24, Day 6

We arrived in Missouri at about 8pm on Sunday 6/22, and got to Brad and Stacey’s just after 9:30pm.

Now that we’ve spent a whole day here I can say it’s great! While we’re here we’ve considered: sailing, Union Station, the Zoo, WWI memorial and a night out for the adults with some jazz and such. We’re here for 3 full days before going to Springfield on Thurs. Should be gorgeous.


We went into Kansas – the other Kansas City – today so Brad could get a sailing rope at Cabella’s. While at Cabella’s the skies opened up in a complete downpour. I had to watch it for a while, we just don’t get those around the NW! The kids enjoyed the shotting gallery while we were there. We lost Bekah. A friend from home called as we were leaving; it was fun to tell her we were in Kansas.

After Cabella’s, we headed to Smithville Lake in MO via lunch at ‘Sonic’ – Ashley’s request. Once at the lake the furling wouldn’t cooperate so despite having a new rope we couldn’t get the new sail up. Before long a few sprinkles started and the thunder and wind and then lightning. Not a good day to SAIL! Brad went to take the boat back to “dry” dock while I waited for Jordan (& Willie) to finish at the restroom. The walk to the boat was probably 1/4 mile and seemed do-able. However, not being from the midwest, we had no idea just how hard and fast a storm can come on. We ducked from tree to tree for breaks from the downpour, until the trees became saturated and the drops were simply bigger under the trees than out in the open. It was comfortably in the upper 80s, but by the time Brad came back for us we were utterly drenched!

It was Couple’s Night Out that evening. Dinner: Jack Stack – YUM! Who can beat good food and perfect outdoor seating weather? City of Fountains. Starbuck’s trip and a laugh at the fountain outside. Willie and I truly loved being able to be out at 10pm and be comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. It made walking so pleasant.


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