Midwest trip: June 25, Day 7

Our last day in Kansas City…

We got out of the house much earlier today and headed to Union Station. Wow, no wonder I never enjoy our Science Center! Union Station was as stark contrast – actually fun and so bright! Jordan was able to do his first choice activity while at the Center – mini golf, a lesson in gravity. Bekah’s attention was most captivated by the water table. There were also dinosaur bones to dig, weather rooms, a huge tree house, a helicopter, and many other things I didn’t have a chance to see.

Then we went back to the lake so Brad and Ty could work on the sail while the rest of us went and got lunch. We hit the water about 3:30 at 90 degrees. Our first destination was their “swim cove”, where all of us got in. It felt incredible – though I’m glad I never touched the bottom! I don’t think I’ve ever swam so close to geese before; our local geese aren’t anywhere near nice and I was a bit nervous. We left the lake at 6:45 and the temp. was still 91 degrees.

We got home about 7:30, finished dinner at 9:45, lit some fireworks off, and then watched some home movies of our visit. It was a super warm and sunny day that continued to be very warm late into the evening (too hot for us to even want to eat outside despite the late hour).

What a fantastic visit. We had a blast with the Crabtree fam. (but missed Stacey due to work…).


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