Midwest trip: June 26, Day 8

Hands - 80 years and 3 generations between them

Hands - 80 years and 3 generations between them

To Gammy and Pa’s today!! Gammy & Pa are my mother’s parents and hold a special place in my hear for that reason as well as the fact that they are the best grandparents in the whole world! We started our day only 3 hours away from Springfield and were able to make it there in time for lunch at the Center. What a sweet reunion it was. I hadn’t seen Gammy & Pa since my great Aunt Beth’s funeral in Sept. 2005, and we hadn’t all been together since our last attempted family reunion in 2001 when I was pregnant with Bekah (Jordan ended up hospitalized the whole time…). So, Bekah had never gotten Gammy hugs before and was so excited to finally collect all those she’d missed. And their house is a little girl’s dream – dolls everywhere and none were too special for Bekah to get to love on.

Following lunch, Gammy, Pa and I took naps at the house while Willie took the kids to get checked into the hotel. We hung out the rest of the day together, just loving on one another. We had fun playing soccer together and wound the day up with dinner at Cracker Barrel (I love that place!) and a swim at the hotel.

Ooooh, it was so good to be with Gammy and Pa again!! I’m so glad we have 4 more days together.


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