Midwest trip: June 27, Day 9

Our first full day with Gammy & Pa was, of course, fun-filled. Special event of the day was Incredible Pizza which would technically be comparable to Chuck E. Cheese except way, way better. I loved the fact that the food was an all-you-can-eat buffet including pizza, pasta, salad bar, tacos, drinks, ice cream, cookies and brownies. There were several themed rooms in which to eat with your family – we chose to sit in the 50’s diner where old shows were quietly playing on the TV. Following lunch, we hit great redemption games and some things just to have fun with: go karts, bowling, basketball, air hockey, mini golf, and my personal favorite: Deal or No Deal. What fun! The kids combined their tickets together to get an Incredible Pizza frisbee and a pin art thing. Wish we could trade our Chuck E. Cheese in for one of these truly family-friendly places.

Following our neat afternoon playing at Incredible Pizza, we relaxed together, had dinner at “Bob Evan’s”, and then enjoyed a relaxing walk to the local lake with Gammy & Pa’s long-time friend, Audrey. Jordan did the hills quite well and enjoyed kicking the soccer ball as he walked.


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