Midwest trip: June 28, Day 10

Today we made the hour long trip to Mansfield, MO and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum. We picked up a beautiful postcard of the home which seemed ironic because the photo shows clear blue sky and our weather was so utterly opposite. We drove through thunderstorms, pouring down rain, and flash flood warnings. But despite the ickiness outside, the inside was beautiful and full of history. All nine of the Little House books were penned from this location. We visited the museum (everyone but Jordan really enjoyed this) filled with artifacts of all kinds from both the Ingalls and Wilder families, and then toured the Rocky Ridge Home.

Entrance to the Rocky Ridge Wilder Home

Entrance to the Rocky Ridge Wilder Home

A little further down the road, we toured the Stone House which their daughter, Rose, purchased for Laura & Almanzo. The home was gorgeous – very rich – with indoor plumbing as well as electricity but it never seemed like home and Laura & Almanzo moved back to the old farm at Rocky Ridge.

We had a very interesting lunch at a place that seemed promising, “Little House Buffet”, but they didn’t have a lunch buffet and were out of 3 of the 4 things I first asked for (Chili, Baked potato & Cherry Coke – they only had Coke and Dr. Pepper).We had a major laugh when Gammy’s burger was delivered with 2 “bottoms”; then Willie’s arrived with 2 tops as well as a fresh slice of tomato in the middle of a tomato recall due to a salmonella outbreak. The bathroom brought more laughter, and as the rain got harder the ceiling started leaking (several places showed water damage already with water spots or just plain holes). We were seriously concerned that the ceiling might fall! We also laughed about the Christmas decorations that were still up at the end of June, and the couple waiting to order who got up and left after they heard us attempting to order. (Even funnier was the waitress’s response, “I wonder what their problem is?! Ha!) We figure the place will probably be condemned within a year – at least it should be!

Bekah started assigning Little House name to all of us. Memorable… and wet day!


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