Midwest trip: June 29, Day 11

Today we attended church with Gammy and Pa at Central Assembly. Bekah and Jordan attended children’s church where Jordan had the thrill of playing ski-ball in their game room! Bekah got linked up with another visitor and they had a great time. A bouncy house was available as well.

Ashley attended the adult service with us and were we ever wowed! We hadn’t thought about how close to the 4th it was, and when the Colors were presented it really got our attention! Willie wondered if that was the way they opened all their services. But, being the Sunday before Independence Day – and being that we were in the midwest where patriotism is honored, the service was called “Celebrate America” and had a full orchestra which led worship, patriotic songs, and Gershwin’s amazing “Rhapsody in Blue” with guest Greg Morris.

Aside from the orchestra being fantastic, my favorite part of the service was when they did a “Salute to the Armed Forces” where each branch’s hymn was played and those who had served in that branch went to the front to be recognized. Two of my great-uncles as well as my dear Pa went forward. Oh, I am so proud of them. Once all had come forward, few men remained in the audience, and a standing ovation continued for quite some time. So powerful!

Following the service, and removing Jordan from the Game Room ūüėČ , we went to lunch at the Center with my great-uncle Ken and Mary, great-uncle Wes and Miriam, Dort and daughter Gerri, as well as Gammy & Pa.

Bekah cracked us up with “Your shoes are pretty, Gammy, but I thought they were for younger people.” Stinker!!

Following lunch we went for a hot walk to the library in search of a puzzle for Jordan. He kicked the ball and managed a pretty long and hilly walk. After our walk we went to Fantastic Caverns¬†– America’s only¬†ride thru caves,¬†which, aside from being far to expensive, was neat since the use of a¬†tram allowed all of us to see the caverns. It was neat that the formations¬†definitely could have been formed in thousands and not millions of years based on the growth that had been seen since they’d been discovered. (To Sonic for dinner afterward.)


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