Losing teeth

January 1 - First lost tooth!

January 1 - First lost tooth!

Bekah has lost 2 teeth in the last few days. The first one stuck out and resembled a “Snaggle tooth” for far too long before we finally got her to let us pull it. She wanted Mom to pull it since she has “soft hands”. When I finally popped it out, her response? “Oh!”

Then, last night she was brushing her teeth and suddenly started hollering for me to come into the bathroom. She was a mess of blood and tears. Guess she stabbed it with her toothbrush and it popped out. We had seen Pastor Fred earlier in the day when leaving the dentist and he gave it a wiggle, saying he had the ability to tell how much a tooth would be worth. His estimation? 5 bucks! So, Fred, guess you get to pay up because around here teeth go for a tenth of that! (And then the tooth fairy was so tired at 4 AM when up to give meds that only $.30 ended up in the pillow!)


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