Strep Infection

Not feeling good

Not feeling good

Jordan came home from Camp Casey (Kiwanis) apparently well, but following a good day viewing the Blue Angels on Sunday, Monday warranted a trip to the doctor for a rash around his g-tube site. He was tired, but able to walk in to the doc’s office with me. They cultured the site, considered it suspicious for MRSA, gave us a prescription for 7 days of round the clock (every 6 hours) Clindamycin, and told us to head to the ER if he got a fever.

By Tuesday morning he was miserable and had a decent fever so I started making arrangements so we could head down to Children’s. Jordan fell asleep in the car (he never does that), fell asleep in the ER waiting room, and almost in the triage room. They did a complete work-up on him: shunt series (x-rays), CT, strep throat culture, blood cultures, CBC, and physical exam. After 5 hours, we went home with a diagnosis of strep throat.

Wednesday morning the g-tube site cultures came back: strep. So, not MRSA – good thing – but he basically had strep throughout his system. Throat, g-tube, and a rash and oozing ‘down below’ (groin).

He is finally starting to perk up, even went out and did some swinging yesterday, but isn’t rolling out of bed until after 10:30 because “I’m just ti-red” (he whines it).

Our crazy week last week: Monday: pediatrician; Tues: ER; Wed: previously scheduled appts at Children’s; Thurs: no visit – just phone with docs; Friday: pediatrician.

We went back in to the ped. yesterday since his g-tube site started bleeding last Thursday and his energy is still so low after being on antibiotics for 10 days. We’re continuing with the course we started: silver nitrate of granulation tissue as needed and mupirocin ointment and a 2×2 three times/day.

Can’t wait til he’s up and playing basketball again!


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