Blueberry pickin’

Our/my crop - 11 lbs

Our/my crop - 11 lbs

I have heard for years of women heading out into the NW blueberry fields and coming home with loads of berries. My kids were finally at the ages that would allow for us to do the same – except for the complication of strep. Throw into the mix our very strange weather – snow in mid-April – and trying to find a time to hit the fields became much more difficult than I’d anticipated! Last Saturday, though, the sun shone and I found one field that, despite being ‘sparse’, was open. Ashley, Bekah, our neighbor Kristina, and I headed north to Snohomish and Blueberry Blossom Farm for a couple hours of fun and then some.

Yes, it was sparse, and many of the berries were down low but staying low also protected us from the hot sun. Proved to be too much work, too many bugs, too close to the ground or something for Ashley so she gave it up and ended up going on a hunt for her ‘lost in the field’ sunglasses. I found some fuller bushes and picked away. Bekah and Kristina picked for a while before moving to other rows and striking up conversations with fellow pickers.  (I was later very disheartened to learn that our additional kiddo had been taking berries from other people! UGH!)

Bekah in the bushes

Bekah in the bushes


Ashley works down low

Ashley works down low

Once they were bored with blueberries, the girls headed over to the blackberries bushes. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE blackberries (great memories picking them with my mom in Bellingham), but why would you leave stickerless bushes for thorny ones?!

The girls

The girls

Our total for 9 pounds of berries was $11.00! Love it! This entry wouldn’t be complete without some mention of Kristina’s trip to the ‘outdoor bathroom’ – a.k.a. woods. She headed off and came back with the whole left side of her pants soaked. The simple question: “What happened?” Kristina’s simple answer: “I missed.”

Have a great day!


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  1. Rene'
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 13:43:49

    Aren’t they fabulous! Next year I plan to have a freezer full of berries! ;o)


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