Midwest trip: July 2, Day 14

We went into Chicago today, and I was so psyched!

Despite deciding ahead of time that I really wanted to see the Field Museum (MIL great up very near it, for one), we all felt ‘museumed out’ and opted for an outdoor day. We started our downtown experience at a big McDonald’s which had an escalator and a walking history of McD’s inside of it! We didn’t eat here, but instead went across the street to Rainforest Cafe for brunch.

From here, our RFC waitress had suggested Navy Pier so we headed there. We found a postcard that made the Pier look so calm, which wasn’t our experience. The traffic and tolls just to get into Chicago were enough for me to realize that I didn’t miss city life!! After seeing the huge and very cool looking ferris wheel, we got parked and headed out. Our experience was that of a truly windy city, hot, filled with lots of day camp kids. There were stores, but other than that not a whole lot for us to see. Dragging Jordan through crowds where stuff was blowing in his eyes was not very pleasant. We ended up getting ice cream at McDonald’s and heading back to the car – just under our free 1 hour of parking.

The ice cream bunch

Off to the Magnificient Mile – yay! Then the whining, fits, and complaining kicked in and quickly the fun faded. At one point, we started back to the hotel it got so bad. Once attitudes were checked, we started our Mag. Mile experience. First, Hershey’s Store, then it was on to the place Bekah had so long looked forward to: American Girl Place. It took her 1-1/2 hours, but she eventually picked a doll ‘just like her’. Ashley trudged along with Bekah and me for about an hour of it before returning to the Willie and Jordan who were on the main floor playing with GameBoys they had checked out from the front desk – seriously!!

Bekah at Hershey’s Chicago

Happy Shopper

Outside of American Girl Place

We look forward to seeing the Kit movie when it comes out.

Following AGP, we embarked on a mission to find something for Ashley. “Jewelry or bags” – oh, dear. The girls took on this mission while they boys took it easy in the LEGO store and game store. We searched for hours and never found anything she wanted. (Shopping with her just about drives me crazy. Somehow she’s combined my traits in an awful way: price conscious, unable to make up her mind, and uncomfortable asking for anything.)

Back to the hotel for a swim. We were exhausted. I actually left the pool to go back to the room and nap before the kids came back for baths.

My opinion of Chicago has greatly changed. It is not a place to drag your disabled son around, and I may not recommend it as a family city at all. I have, however, heard of many adults having a great time there with friends… Maybe we’ll try that someday.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rene'
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 21:20:33

    SO did Bekah get the Kit doll? I haven’t taken the plunge into the American Doll world yet. That store looked pretty amazing though. Jeff and I love Chicago but that was before we had kids! ;o)


  2. sbodger
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 21:53:22

    Americal Girl has started a little spin off of dolls that look ‘just like me’. I kind of think it negates most of the positive historical significance that I appreciate about American Girl, but Bekah loves dolls so much… She ended up picking Doll #5 which has reddish hair and brown eyes. Ashley got a “My Twin” doll when she was 6 and Bekah has wanted it for years. Understandably, Ashley was reluctant to pass it on to her – it’s not very often you get a doll actually made to look like you!
    We have read several of the books, borrowed books on CD, and now seen the Kit movie – all of which have been fantastic. Maybe someday this will blossom into a love of the actual historical dolls, but I’m not going to force it at about $90 a pop!


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