Back to School

New rules: The bus won’t come down the driveway.

Jordan’s not so excited to go back…

But cranks out a smile for the camera

It’s been a bit of a rocky start to the 2008-09 school year. Jordan’s first day was 9/2 and he cried the night before, the morning of, and a couple times during the day. Then, he came home with his throat sounding all scratchy. It was also pretty red. After a chat with the doc, it was off to Children’s evening/weekend clinic for another strep test. Thankfully, this one was negative. However, Jordan was out the next 3 days. Today was the 5th day of school, but only Jordan’s 2nd – but at least he went back today. He’s still having trouble with going to school; he’d much rather be home. But Willie figured out that Jordan wanted some ‘Mom-time” when he got home and that got him through the day. We then headed out to Game Stop once he was home. A much better day!

I wish every home school day looked like this

The girls have also had a staggering sort of start. We’ve been waiting for weeks for our books and other materials to get here and now that it is the official first day of school, books have finally arrived. However, we are still missing 6 boxes worth of stuff! I am pleased though that the girls got through all their lessons today and even worked on art together, studying animals that they could draw realistically or using their imaginations. Despite the 6 year age span and no one at home between them, I’d like to have the ‘olders teaching the youngers’ a little more this year. It seems to make a positive difference in the entire household.

For the 3rd year, the girls and I started off the year at the Maltby Cafe about 25 minutes east of here. It’s a fantastic place for brunch and has become a fun little tradition where we can talk about the upcoming year. Today we discussed our morning schedule and goals, as well as enjoyed great food. – I’m so bummed that I forgot to take pictures! So here’s last year’s…

Maltby Cafe 2007


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