Sporting Firsts for Bekah and Jordan

Bekah had her first day of gymnastics on Tuesday, 9/9, and she had a BLAST! Her home school friends Carolina, Genna, and Sadie are in her class which makes it that much better. Her first question when she finished was “When is my next gymnastics?!”

You’d think Genna & Bekah were the only kids in class, not 2 of about 14! Gotta be first!


My name is Bekah

Following floor and beam, the girls went and worked on the bars (Bekah is one of two girls on bars – on left)

Jordan then began his ‘career’ with Special Olympics later that day at the local bowling alley. There were 3 other young boys on his lane and it was so fun! The kids are great, of varying ages, and very nice. The only bummer is that Jordan is so used to 1) playing with the bumpers up and 2) playing Wii bowling, that it was a bit disappointing for him when he kept getting zeros – oh well. We have lots of time (each Tuesday) to practice until the tournament the 9th of Nov.

It wasn’t until the 8th frame that we finally got a ramp and Jordan could bowl more independently.

Another gutter ball…


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