Ten years ago today…

Jordan David - September 25, 1998

Jordan David - September 25, 1998

This is a picture I took of Jordan at Children’s Hospital as we waited for his turn in the CT scanner.

In our hearts, Willie and I already knew that God had a special plan for Jordan and we were just moments away from the ‘phone call that changed our lives’.

I have recently started Bible Study Fellowship and this year we are studying the Life of Moses. One of our questions this week was concerning Moses’ mother, Jocheved. It asked what Jocheved must have seen in Moses, since he is described as a “fine child” and “no ordinary child”. To many, this seems weird. Did he have a ‘glow’ or something? In our discussion group, I was able to share my personal experience with this kind of thing.

I described it to a friend of mine in an email earlier this evening:

The day I found out I was pregnant with a boy (he was the only one we found out on), I KNEW there was something special about him. It was a very memorable day, I even remember the date, Sept. 17, 1998. After Jordan was born and we were bringing him home from the hospital, Willie and I both expressed surprise that he was even coming home with us. Medically, he was fine, healthy. Birth didn’t go fantastic (APGARs of 1 and 9 – heart was beating at 60 BPM and that was all he got points for on a scale of 0-10), but he rebounded and did very well from 5 minutes on. But it wasn’t just my feeling, Willie expressed one, too. Just after 4 months, we found a lump on his leg. We thought, “This is it.” It was actually a reaction from an immunization. So, if that wasn’t it, then what would it be? Then, this day 10 years ago came along, and before his scans were even read, I knew what it was. (Granted, I thought it’d be 5-7 days in the hospital then out and singing the Lord’s praises, not over 57 days with surgeries, chemo, radiation, and numerous complications… I avoided oncology like the plague in nursing school so I had no idea what was to come in that department!)

God had given me a special impression that this child was set apart. I laid him on the alter several times, turning him over to God, months before he was diagnosed. I videotaped him nearly every day (it’s kind of eerie to look back on). He had a personality that was described by our pastor’s wife as a “velcro baby” – you could stick him on the wall and he’d stay there completely content.

What is still to come? Only God knows. He’s the only one that has known all along. But, I am honored and priviledged to be a part of this child’s life.


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