Schertz Family Reunion

A few weeks ago my dad began planning a gathering in honor of his sister Linda who has been battling aggressive lung cancer for several years. He flew in from Raleigh, and he flew Linda and another sister, Donna, up from the Bakersfield, CA area. Today, following soccer, we headed to Renton and arrived just in time to begin stuffing our faces!

Cousin Jenny, Debbie, Cousin Monique, Cousin Sarah, Willie, and Keith (Monique’s hubbie)

It was so amazing to see my cousins and second cousins who I haven’t seen in as much as 20 years. And, it was kind of surreal to have all of our kids playing together. The generations have certainly progressed since the last time we were together and the tween and teeners were creating silly home videos titled “Good Morning, China?” amongst other things. This particular one was a talk show where one of the cousins was the talk show host and the rest of us dressed up and played the roles of various made-up guests. We also created knock-off commercials – real products with some sick twists on them, e.g. the Tylenol that killed her daughter (being prior to the Tylenol bottle poisonings, we thought this was hilarious, but I think you may have had to be there…) The reimniscing was good for many belly laughs. It’s amazing the way we could all recollect things as far back as 1984 and still hear ourselves and our siblings and cousins saying the impromptu lines.

Uncle Hermann, Cousin Chris, his daughter Tess, LJ, Katie, Jenny, & Dean

Bekah was still trying to process the fact that she was related to all those people and said she was going to invite all the cousins to her birthday party, and Jack, too, because he was so funny. Jack is my cousin’s main squeeze who is an overgrown kid. Not that I have anything to say about that, because Willie was out there giving the kids piggy back rides, chasing them, and at one point I even wondered if they were going to tie him up just for the fun of it. The ‘kids’ ranged in age from 3 to 10. Jack even pulled out some super huge sparklers and helped the kids with those. Bekah will certainly sleep hard tonight!

Willie and the kids – Monique asked if he did parties!







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  1. Gramma
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 13:12:27

    Wow! Looks like you guys had a great time. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Zoie (did I spell her name right?). Missed being there with all of you.


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