I did it!!!

50,000 words in November!

50,000 words in November!


Bekah’s surgery

Brave Bekah is ready for surgery

Brave Bekah is ready for surgery

Bekah’s surgery went well. She ended up having three teeth out instead of 2 (the 3rd was so loose the DDS was concerned she’d aspirate it), and her stitches have already come out. As wiped out as she was when she got home, within a couple hours my dream of a quiet weekend were shot. Almost as soon as she woke up the handstands and cartwheel practice had resumed. Not too much to complain of when the nurse called to check in at the end of the day. ‘Let her pace herself…’ Yeah, ok.

Here’s a 90 second video of Bekah just before her surgery, on her ‘brain numbing’ medicine: Versed. “Like she’s had too much to drink,” the anesthesia tech warned us…

Bekah sleeps on the way home

Bekah sleeps on the way home


Willie calls this one "Our Little Vampire"

Willie calls this one Our Little Vampire

Bekah's 'deer in the headlights' post-surgical photo

Post-surgical deer in the headlights photo

New Page

I have added a new page to the blog. You’ll find it listed above on the ‘bar’. I will be using it to post our family’s prayer needs. It’d be great if you’d leave a comment that you’d been there are praying for us.


Sleep Study

How are they really supposed to assess your sleep like THIS?

How are they really supposed to assess your sleep when you're hook up like THIS?

Jordan had his sleep study on October 13th. We got a call just before 8PM and as soon as the phone rang and I heard the “Hello, this is…” I knew we were heading in for little sleep.

I called my friend and regretably canceled my movie night with her, we threw some items in bags and hit the soaking wet roads. About 15 minutes into our drive, Jordan asks, “Mom, where’s Racky?” Oh, you’ve got to be kidding, I thought. Racky is Jordan’s one and only stuffed animal that he cares about. It is a stuffed animal, and although I brought movies, video games, and books, the tears flowed when I said I didn’t have Racky.

Nearest off-ramp here I come. Called Willie and he found the little critter down behind Jordan’s bed and hit the road. We’d meet half-way which would only make us 25 minutes late instead of over 30. Jordan and I reached the predetermined parking lot and waited in the car while the rain pounded on the roof. Within a couple minutes, Willie was pulling up the drive. I rolled down my window, waved, and he pulled right up next to us. We received the goods, hollered “thanks” and “bye” and were on our way. Racky was amazingly wet for only being passed out the window!

We finally made it to the sleep center and to our little room. The picture of the bed Jordan is in is the one he requested that I sleep in with him – ugh! Really? Not that the sleeper chair looked a whole lot more comfy, but at least I had my own space. Oh well, ‘whatever you want, Honey’.

Once he had some of his probes on we snuggled and watched a movie together for a while.

Once he had some of his probes on we snuggled and watched a movie together for a while.

Lights went out just after 11:00, Jordan was finally asleep at about 11:45, the technician came in several times in the night to adjust loose probes, and it was ‘morning’ at 5:45. Yuck!

I was told that if there was anything significant on the study, I’d be contacted during the next week. Otherwise, the test took 3-4 weeks to be read. Each 30 second period was evaluated!

After that, I tried for weeks to get an appointment scheduled with one of the residents that cared for Jordan way back in 1998. He is now a very popular pulmonologist at Children’s, and didn’t have openings for 3 months. He tried to fit us in,  but wasn’t getting anywhere. An entire month passed, and I emailed this doctor to basically say, “I’m thinking about just scheduling when they can get us in at the end of January. Can I assume that since I didn’t hear anything the test was normal?”

Within a couple hours, the ARNP that originally sent us for the test had tracked me down on my cell phone and was giving me the news. Later, she sent me the report. He would need an apnea machine at night.

Jordan has a mild-moderate sleep apnea. During regular sleep, the average child stops breathing 1.2 times per hour. Jordan stopped an average of 10 times/hr, and it was even worse when he was on his back – it jumped to about 20 times/hr (!).

His average oxygen saturation was 97%, with the lowest being 76% (!) during an obstructive apnea episode. During regular sleep, Jordan desatted 5.8x/hr, in REM sleep it jumped to 17/hr.

In measuring his carbon dioxide levels in his exhaled breath they were able to tell that he wasn’t breathing deeply enough to provide adequate exchange of oxygen. They called this “significant hypoventilation”.

The good news was that the EEG monitors on his head showed normal brain activity!

One of the recommendations was to evaluate him for removal of adenoids and tonsils. Why doesn’t anyone read his chart to learn this was done 9 years ago?!!!

After all that, the homecare company ‘never received’ the FAX for services and the whole process for getting the machine was delayed another week.

Ahh, the joys of parenthood! 😉

Special Olympics: Bowling Pizza Party

How exciting can a pizza and cake party be when you don’t eat anything by mouth?! Guess it depends on whether or not trophies are involved!

Jordan shows off his trophy and medal with Coach Jessica

Jordan shows off his trophy and medal with Coach Jessica

Jordan’s season-end bowling party was this afternoon and it was a blast. If putting video on here were easier, I’d do it, because it was priceless. Following the non-exciting dinner of Alfy’s Pizza, Jordan’s name was the first to be called for awards. He left our table in the corner of the room and walked up to the front of the room all by himself. He used tables as hand holds part of the way, but mostly he just walked all by himself. Once he received his trophy, he turned around to all those clapping and cheering for him and raised his trophy in the air, all smiles. He then gave high fives and came and took his seat once again.

North Puget Sound Special Olympics

Jordan Bodger

Bowling 2008

He is so proud. He wore his medal all day yesterday at school, and figured he’d better wear it to the party today as well. Too cute! Can’t wait for basketball to start in 3 weeks!

Special Olympics Bowling Tournament

Our winner!
Our winner!

Jordan had a blast participating in the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament on Sunday. It was the most back to back bowling he’s ever done (other than on Wii!), and he was very tired at the end and watched 1st place slip out of his hands by 12 points. Competitive as he is, hewas getting very discouraged. Having Dad show up in the 7th frame was just what he needed to push through to the end. We’re so proud of him! His first Special Olympics event, but not his last!

Jordan uses the ramp with his Buddy

Jordan uses the ramp with his Buddy

Success! His first and only spare in 3 games.

Success! His first and only spare in 3 games.

High School Musical on Ice


Once again, Starlight Starbright gave us a super opportunity to have some family fun together. This time, High School Musical on Ice at Comcast Arena in Everett. And to top it off, our friends the Fitches got to go as well! We were seated in the 3rd row and had a view that pretty much couldn’t be beat. The kids loved it. The music was all authentic, but clearly, the performers were not the same. That was the only downside of being seated so close – we could make out facial features that clearly didn’t match those of the “real Troy and Gabriella”, etc. But the skating was super and we had fun dancing and singing along. And thanks to the Fitches for sharing a singing program with us!


The Wildcats


"Getcha Head in the Game"



"I want Fabulous!"


"I Don't Dance"


"Bet on It"

Troy & Gabriella


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