Special Olympics: Bowling Pizza Party

How exciting can a pizza and cake party be when you don’t eat anything by mouth?! Guess it depends on whether or not trophies are involved!

Jordan shows off his trophy and medal with Coach Jessica

Jordan shows off his trophy and medal with Coach Jessica

Jordan’s season-end bowling party was this afternoon and it was a blast. If putting video on here were easier, I’d do it, because it was priceless. Following the non-exciting dinner of Alfy’s Pizza, Jordan’s name was the first to be called for awards. He left our table in the corner of the room and walked up to the front of the room all by himself. He used tables as hand holds part of the way, but mostly he just walked all by himself. Once he received his trophy, he turned around to all those clapping and cheering for him and raised his trophy in the air, all smiles. He then gave high fives and came and took his seat once again.

North Puget Sound Special Olympics

Jordan Bodger

Bowling 2008

He is so proud. He wore his medal all day yesterday at school, and figured he’d better wear it to the party today as well. Too cute! Can’t wait for basketball to start in 3 weeks!


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