Kids say…

The darndest things, again.

The other day the girls and I piled into the van and Ashley discovered her nail file broken in two in the back seat. Recalling that Bekah had asked me the other day “How do you break a pencil?” and I dumbly explained that she should grab either end and put it in front of her knee and pull back, I knew she was the culprit. (I did tell her at the time that just because she knows how to do it she didn’t need to do it again.)

Knowing that both girls had received the same file for Christmas, I told Bekah she needed to give hers to Sissy. “Waaaah! She has enough, she doesn’t need mine!” Praying for quick wisdom on this, I recounted how she needed to not only apologize but make restitution and went on to refer to the OT and ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Obviously confused, Bekah said ‘What?! You mean if you poke someone in the eye you have to give them your tooth so the tooth fairy can give them money for it??”

Oh my. Forget it.


Our weekend…

I don’t have pictures to put in with this post, but decided it didn’t matter. Here’s a peek into our ordinary lives…

Ashley is at Camas Meadows this weekend. (As we prayed last night for her, the younger two prayed for her at “Kansas Meadows” and “Canvas Meadows”.) That just leaves the younger two with Willie and I. When Bekah and I went to drop Ashley off yesterday, despite it being cold, everything was going just fine until it was actually time to say good-bye to Sissy. Bekah was on the ground and put her arms around Ashley’s midsection in a loving embrace. As Bekah backed up, she dropped her head so her hair covered her face. I got Ashley’s attention, who was still standing right there. A moment later, Bekah’s hands went up to her face and she began sobbing. For girls who have had their share of arguments, I was actually glad to see this amazing outpouring of affection. Ashley tried to reassure Bekah, I picked her up and she cried into my neck while Ashley rubbed her back. Next, Sissy got a big hug around the neck from Bekah and it was time to say a final good-bye. As we drove away, Bekah just wanted to know “Why does she HAVE to go?”

This morning, the kiddos and I headed to Kirkland’s Performance Center to help usher for the StoryBook Theater production of Goldilocks, and then we got to watch the show. It was neat to be able to serve for this event and then attend for free. Our job was to hand out programs as people came in. It was the job I’d requesting, figuring we’d all be able to do that. I gave Jordan a “post” right near the doors, while Bekah and I stood across the aisleway. Jordan was doing super (except for all those times her stuck his tongue out at the people, but he denies it…), until he went to look around the corner to see if anyone was coming and suddenly lost his balance – just as a mom and her 2 year old son walked through the door. Jordan collapsed right in front of them! Oh my goodness. Sometimes Jordan just loses his balance and goes down to his hands and feet, not this time. This time he ended up a crumbled heap on the floor. Poor people didn’t know what to do. Oh, Jordan. Always full of adventure.

Once home, we all changed our clothes and got to Saturday housework. The kids went outside and removed the stakes from the ground along the driveway which held the Christmas lights (yes, they finally came down this morning), and I headed to the back to finally clean up the mess from the gutter disaster. 

Cleaned up garbage in the backyard, first. Why is it that our yard never gets “winterized”? Why do summer things still end up strewn around the yard, to be discovered and identified as ugly only when the beautiful blanket of white snow melts? Balls were all over the place, plastic chairs were blown around, popsicle wrappers, bottle lids, an IKEA shopping bag from June (!), and the whole strip of gutter that had come off.

Bekah came out just as soon as I got those balls collected, waving the plastic bat in her hands and wondering where the tee was. Really? Then on to some basketball. Her arms have gotten strong enough from gymnastics that she can make shots on the 10 foot basket.

She helped me drag the gutter to the front, Willie found some metal cutters for me, and I went to town cutting up a 25ft section of gutter so it could finally go in the trash. Felt so good to finally get rid of that! Next, all the moss that fell out of those gutters when they fell had to be picked up. How does all that amazing soil get up there for that thick moss to grow in anyway?

Besides getting the Christmas lights down, Willie has been cooking up a storm today. Yesterday he made 4 different BBQ sauces, and today he is cooking two pork roasts for pulled pork sandwiches during the Super Bowl tomorrow. We are so excited to have our friends the Johnsons over again and to have the Smiths over for the first time! Should be a blast. And the house smells absolutely amazing.

Now, the ‘boys’ are out playing with Jordan’s remote control cars in the driveway. (Could it really be the first non-snowy, non-rainy Saturday we’ve had since Christmas???) 

Bekah took Benny on a walk up to her friend Donovan’s house at the top of the cul-de-sac to see if he could play, and now they are here having a good old time.

Kids say…

…the darndest things.

While at the dentist the other day, I grabbed the Children’s Atlas of the US. I flipped it open to WA and asked Jordan to show me where we lived. Seattle — perfect. Next question, ‘this city right here, why does it have a star by it?’ Hesitantly at first, Jordan says, “Ummm” and then bursts out with what he seemed to think was the absolute 100% correct answer: “STARBUCKS?!”

Everyday fun.

Dolly Day!

Bekah began asking for me to get my dolls down weeks ago. I finally told her on Monday that I’d get them down on Friday. Immediately, she went to the dolphin calendar hanging on her wall and circled Friday’s date. Ever since then, she’s been crossing days off in anticipation of Dolly Day.
The day finally arrived and I scaled the garage wall to grab down the highest box with dolls much older than I contained therein.
We brought the box in and lifted the lid as the smells of aged memories wafted out. Then the tender examining began. She loves this box. I love that she loves it. There are dolls from the 1800s in there and doesn’t get to play with them often. The dolls belonged to my grandmother and her mother before her.
Bekah is looking forward to her weekend with the dolls – they’ll go back up on Sunday.

The "sock doll" is the first to come out and be loved on

The "sock doll" is the first to come out and be loved on

The box of wonderful treasures

The box of wonderful treasures

All the dolls, spread out in a fan, being inspected

All the dolls, spread out in a fan, being inspected

Inauguration Day

The case could be made that as a home schooling mom, my kids should be some of the first to have front row seats at some of today’s historic events. They didn’t. I couldn’t. When Bekah plopped herself on the couch this morning and clicked the TV on with the remote, my stomach just lurched. I screamed – and not in joy. I changed channels. All I got was different angles of the same thing. Obama’s serene face. It almost looked smug though.

I know there are plenty of people who are excited about this day FINALLY arriving. I’m just not one of them. Many are talking about the hope, joy, relief. I am trying to focus on not being fearful. I am afraid that many in our country have been duped. And the Bible is all about people being fooled in the Last Days. Obama’s stance on abortion and homosexuality, as well as his background in numerous areas frighten me. They stand in direct opposition to the Lord’s decrees. 

Yes, I am one who will vote on moral issues over economics. 

I hope the Lord will continue to bless the United States of America. I hope we are not heading into a time of lukewarmness. 

Revelation 3:16 says “Because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

We finally found a station that wasn’t covering the Inauguration this morning. Instead, they were showing “Tribulation Force”, a movie about end times. Hmm. Makes ya think.

Oral surgery for Jordan

Since we got through Ashley’s dental years without any extractions, perhaps we should have expected the next two to hit us hard – we didn’t. After significant and near-constant teeth grinding started last Wed. Jordan finally revealed that his teeth hurt. A look into his mouth revealed one molar coming in on the side of his gum and the other side had a space that looked like bloody ground beef. Not a very pretty image, but realistic. Due to surgery schedules, vacations and holidays, it would be 5 days until he could be seen.

Today, the dental exam revealed that Jordan has four teeth that need to be removed. The simple “Talk to Cheryl at the front desk, she’ll go over everything” turned into a whole different story when I mentioned Jordan’s history of a floppy airway (tracheal malaisa). The in-office anesthesiologist wouldn’t even consider caring for him. He’ll need a full anesthesia with intubation.

One if not two of the baby teeth are rooted in the bone and therefore not coming out to make room for the incoming teeth. Jordan’s first-ever x-rays a couple years ago revealed that several of his teeth hadn’t formed due to chemotherapy during the time when permanent teeth develop. It had been thought that would leave enough room for all his teeth. But they just won’t come out. Whether it’s too little stimulation, funky gum tissue due to that, or something else, we have a kiddo heading back to Children’s for surgery sometime soon.

Next steps: Have referral and x-rays sent to Children’s, schedule consult, have consult, then schedule the surgery.

There is no easy way with this boy. Just praying for grace for the journey.

She’s a teen

What a proud Mommy moment! Summer puts Ashley up to some amazing things.

What a proud Mommy moment! Summer puts Ashley up to some amazing things.

Hmmm... Truth or Dare they say

Hmmm... Truth or Dare they say

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