Oral surgery for Jordan

Since we got through Ashley’s dental years without any extractions, perhaps we should have expected the next two to hit us hard – we didn’t. After significant and near-constant teeth grinding started last Wed. Jordan finally revealed that his teeth hurt. A look into his mouth revealed one molar coming in on the side of his gum and the other side had a space that looked like bloody ground beef. Not a very pretty image, but realistic. Due to surgery schedules, vacations and holidays, it would be 5 days until he could be seen.

Today, the dental exam revealed that Jordan has four teeth that need to be removed. The simple “Talk to Cheryl at the front desk, she’ll go over everything” turned into a whole different story when I mentioned Jordan’s history of a floppy airway (tracheal malaisa). The in-office anesthesiologist wouldn’t even consider caring for him. He’ll need a full anesthesia with intubation.

One if not two of the baby teeth are rooted in the bone and therefore not coming out to make room for the incoming teeth. Jordan’s first-ever x-rays a couple years ago revealed that several of his teeth hadn’t formed due to chemotherapy during the time when permanent teeth develop. It had been thought that would leave enough room for all his teeth. But they just won’t come out. Whether it’s too little stimulation, funky gum tissue due to that, or something else, we have a kiddo heading back to Children’s for surgery sometime soon.

Next steps: Have referral and x-rays sent to Children’s, schedule consult, have consult, then schedule the surgery.

There is no easy way with this boy. Just praying for grace for the journey.


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