On my heart…

“I want to go to heaven for 3 reasons: 1) To be with Jesus, 2) To meet your mom…” When Bekah spoke those words earlier today, she had no idea that March 24th is a significant day relating to my mom.

My mom, Dianna, out sailing - June 1988

My mom, Dianna, out sailing - June 1988

Nineteen years ago today, my mom went on a SCUBA diving certification dive for the sheer pleasure of it and something went terribly wrong. “An accident”, that’s all anyone here on earth can explain. What followed was two months of a coma before she succumbed to pneumonia on May 23rd, 1990. My mom was a light and her last months here on earth were probably some of her happiest and yet hardest. She returned to the faith of her youth just 4 months prior to her accident and Jesus changed her life. He didn’t take away the hard things but He was by her side and was her Comforter and Friend to the end.

In years past, I have been very focused on my own grief on this day, but my eyes are a little more opened this year due in part to the networking site Facebook. As I wrote down a simple thought this afternoon, the rest of the evening people have been sharing the impact this day has made on their lives as well. It is quite the reminder that not only is the grief not only mine, but that she touched many peoples’ lives.

Because these Facebook comments have touched my life today, I am adding them below. Thank you everyone…

Stephanie Schertz Bodger thinkingHow life changed so drastically 19 years ago…

 Rene Casale Jessee at 5:22pm March 24
Is this about your mom? Has it been another year already? I hope that you can have peace and rejoice in memories! 
 Stephanie Schertz Bodger at 5:40pm March 24
You’re right on. I was doing fine until Rebekah started talking about heaven on the way home from gymnastics and said she was looking forward to it because she would get to be with Jesus and also meet my mom…
 Rene Casale Jessee at 5:53pm March 24
How beautiful that is though, huh?
 Willie Bodger at 5:54pm March 24
So, for a month I have been waiting to not miss this AGAIN! Then about a week ago life got crazy again and I forgot until about 5 minutes before seeing this status update. Dang it! What happened to my calendar reminders?!?!? I’m sorry, honey.
 Aubrey Cranson at 6:22pm March 24
I’m so sorry for your loss, I hope today is filled with many wonderful memories.
 Jill Armstrong Schiff at 6:33pm March 24
19 years seems like a long time but the memories are not old memories! I’d hug you if I could!
 Katie Hall Jones at 7:02pm March 24
Thinking of you Steph! I’ll be saying a special prayer for you today.
 Laura Bayless Harder at 7:51pm March 24
Stephanie — I remember this whole ordeal like it was yesterday. 19 years is a long time and a short time all in one package. I truly marvel at your ability to find the lap of God in all you endure and that each day you exemplify what I hope to be as a woman of faith. I know you have days where you just can’t understand, but I find incredible strength in knowing you. You have truly blessed my life in ways you may never ever fully know.
 Michael Allerton at 8:13pm March 24
I remember the passing of cousin Diane. I was just out of the service. I can imagine this never goes away, and her memory is probably as fresh as yesterday. Thank God she is with the Lord and all the family that have proceeded us.
 Judy Anderson at 8:26pm March 24
Hey, Steph – I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes remembering the experience and flashing through your life from that day to this – thinking about how proud your mom must be of you and Gary and Wes. Bekah’s remark really touched me, as a grandmother, and leaves me even more thankful that she has her wonderful family here to suppott and love her. I love you. ♥
 Lori Hagen at 10:27pm March 24
(((((((((((((( Stephanie )))))))))))))))))
 Kathy Allerton at 9:03am March 25
Stephanie, I loved your mom so much. I was her aunt but only 2 years older than her so she was like a sister to me. We had so much fun together when they got to come and visit. I miss her and the talks we could have together as we got older.Like you say she was so happy the last few months of her life thanks to our loving heavenly Father. Just remember I think of her often.

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