Jordan scheduled for surgery in the AM

I’d like to request prayer for Jordan as he heads back to Children’s for his 2nd of 3 surgeries this year. This one is for all those baby teeth that just aren’t falling out on their own. For some of them, 7 in all, there are no teeth coming in behind them to push them out and for others the roots may be embedded in the bone. The teeth that are coming in are running into teeth that shouldn’t be there and are coming in where they shouldn’t.


Safety during the procedure: Jordan’s had a cold the last few days, but they’re going ahead with the anesthesia and procedure. Pray for his airway and respiratory status.

Anxiety level: Returning to the hospital less than a month after his last procedure could be a little nerve-wracking for the little boy.

Healing: The radiation he received way back when he was 1-1/2 can cause delayed healing of the sockets where the teeth will be removed.

Check-in will be at 8:30 AM, with surgery around 10 and lasting about an hour.

Thank you!


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