BAHA surgery went great!

Wow – time flies!

Jordan’s Stage II surgery for the BAHA went great and the doctor was very pleased with how the posts had osseointegrated. The soft tissue work was done at this last surgery as well as adding the abutment. He’s had his post-operative appointment and is scheduled to receive his processor (hearing aid box) on MONDAY!

Here are a couple photos…


This is what Jordan's head looked like the day after surgery - 10/24. There is a disc covering the surgical site which is wrapped with a strip of Vaseline gauze.



This is what the site looked like the day after the post-op appointment when the disc was removed. (The disc snaps on and off, and stays in place except for times when we add ointment to the site.)

The site is healing very well. The biggest issue seems to be a disturbance to his balance for some reason. His aid at school, therapist at horse riding, and also a volunteer at riding therapy all noted some atypical instability in Jordan. Not sure what that’s all about. Appreciate your prayers.


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