A Night on the Town – Birthday/Christmas

Once Bekah’s gift opening was completed we all got fancied up for dinner out at Red Lobster (Bekah’s choice over dinner at home made by Daddy) and then a special trip downtown to watch “A Christmas Carol” at A Contemporary Theater. Bekah’s friend from gymnastics, Chloe, had the role of “Tiny Tim” and we were so excited to get such an amazing discount to be able to attend this production with our friends and pastor, the Williams family.

Red Lobster dessert - cookie sundae or something like that

Ashley and Bekah enjoy dessert together

Gingerbread Lane in downtown Seattle presented a contest of all-edible creations. This "Christmas Story" one was my favorite. The depicted scenes are so good.

Our wonderful family

Us again - in our pretty colors this time

The Williams family - Fred, Sue, Jill, Brayden

This is just so accurate that I couldn't pass up posting it. Notice that Bekah's walking and playing her new DSi and Willie is holding onto Brayden's coat hood to keep him out of the street. Jill & Fred - just smiling.

Bekah, Ashley and Jordan wait for the show to begin

The show was wonderful. Shown in the round, although we were in the back row, we were only in the 8th row. Too bad photography wasn’t allowed of the show. It was phenomenal. Costumes, sets, just amazing. You can check out a link to a very cute interview with the kids here.

You tube also has some bits from opening night here.

Bekah, Chloe (on the right), and her little sister Lexi after the show.

A very special night…..


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