Bekah’s 8th Birthday – December 15, 2009

Can it really be EIGHT years? Can Mommy’s baby really be 8? Ashley seemed like such a big girl at 8. We moved from Seattle when Ash was 8 and in 2nd grade. Imagining that Bekah has really reached that age is mind boggling for me. It just doesn’t register. And as I reflect on the issues that we’re currently struggling with for Bekah (a big, bad attitude), I don’t remember any of those things for Ashley. Maybe my mind is numbed to it. I’ll have to check the journal I wrote for her, maybe it will have some hints to her behavior.

At any rate, the calendar doesn’t lie and Rebekah Joy Bodger must have turned 8 on Tuesday, December 15th 2009. We had a fun day celebrating Bekah.

Started the day off with Bekah’s favorite: French Toast

School must go on…

Once everyone was home, Bekah got to open her gifts.

Wii Cheer 2 game from Grandma Yogi & Grandpa Don

Very cute box and girlie goodies from Uncle Wes & Aunt Kara
A very special photo album of Bekah’s years came from Gammy & Pa along with $20.

The very special doll the was given to Gammy by her sister, Irene. Now passed on to the dolly girl, Bekah.
The photo album
Balloon bouquet from Bekah’s gymnastics coach!

The Target gift card from Gramma and Grampa Schertz draws a smile
Polly Pocket Cruise Ship from Ashley and Jordan (Black Friday deal!!!)
Shock & awe
at the gift
she didn’t think
she’d ever get.

So happy with her very special Nintendo DSi

Happy, happy birthday Rebekah.

We Love You very much.


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