Great Wolf Lodge family mini-vacation

More photos of our overnight at Great Wolf.

Bekah Boo

Our 'family suite'

Climbing up into the fort to access some mild slides seemed reasonable with Jordan...

Until we found ourselves in a deluge. Every 3-5 minutes, 10,000 gallons.

The girls enjoyed riding the larger slides with Daddy. This was a 60 foot tall slide called the Howling Tornado.

Bekah and good friends Molly and Mattie whose family we were blessed to enjoy the trip with.

Willie and Jordan on opposite sides of a waterfall.

Ashley relaxing in the wave pool between waves


Willie, Bekah, Ashley and friend Mattie

Bekah and a new friend in the wave pool.

So thankful for a little fun, relaxing time away together.


Family Video from 1998 – Birch Bay multi-family vacation