Ashley’s trip to California with Uncle Wes & Aunt Kara

For Ashley’s 14th birthday my youngest brother, Wes, and his wife invited Ashley down to California as their gift to her. Wow! Due to the holidays and crazy schedules, it took 4 months for the trip to finally arrive and the anticipation was amazing. She had such a fantastic time. What an amazing privilege to have family give my daughter experiences like this. We are so blessed.

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Jordan’s foot

Ever wondered what a fallen arch looks like? Here’s what Jordan’s right foot looked like as of yesterday.

One view

And when he raises his toes. Nothing very normal about that.

3/24/2010 Twenty years have passed since the tragic SCUBA accident

I made this on Wednesday as I remembered the 20-year ‘anniversary’ of my mom’s tragic scuba diving accident. Photos of my growing up years and of my mom throughout her life.

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Sleepover for Bekah

Following the Home schooling Easter party today Bekah was begging for Genna to come over for the night. Despite some illness this past week, I obliged. Apparently, the girls think they’re visiting the spa. Nails, bubble bath, lounging in jammies and watching Pippi Longstocking. Wow, the life of a kid is pretty good.

Two little swimsuit-clad girls enjoying their bubble bath with snacks behind them.

Meanwhile, Ashley is at a birthday party sleepover, which means Jordan – odd man out – is asking for a sleepover with Mom and Dad. He was hanging with Willie tonight when Jordan says “Dad, I like you… And you know, I like you two.” Willie and I. How sweet is that?

First day of spring 2010

It’s warm! Gotta head outside. Once some household stuff was taken care of both in and out of the house we packed up and headed across the way to the Lake Sammamish area and Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Area – one of our favorite places.

And we're off!

Once the sun comes out, all Bekah can think about is water. March 21st and she's got on a swimsuit in Seattle!

She did confess that the water was cold.

Where Bekah thinks water, Jordan's thoughts immediately go to "'throwing rocks in the water', a favorite past time.

As we meandered down the trails, we eventually came to a bird sanctuary where dogs could go but had to be leashed. More water was located...

Ashley took hold of the camera and rock skipping began

It was so amazing to me that the trees could still be so bare and yet the temperatures be so comfortable.

The maiden, stripped to just her swimsuit

Down a great bridge trail with no idea where it went, just hoping we were actually on a 'loop'.

Aha! The Lake! Mom and Bekah at the end of the dock

Willie and Jordan reach the end of the dock

What was intended to be a family photo shoot - cut short by a wicked inch long splinter in Jordan's palm.

The girl with the camera! She did a great job. So many nature shots I could never post them all.

Quite a long walk. Jordan started complaining that his feet hurt. Should have paid a little more attention to that...

The good news: A gorgeous, 71 degree family day

The not so pleasant part was that even by the next morning, Jordan’s right instep looked horrendous. Puffy, purple, really scary. I thought he was going to end up with a serious pressure sore. The last few days have been spent purchasing new shoes he can wear without the splints (which he was rubbing on and caused the skin problem), adjusting the splints, back and forth conversations with physical therapist, and several calls to Children’s to set up appts. with orthopedists. It appears that Jordan’s instep has fallen more than 1/2″ in the last 4-6 weeks. He seems to be hitting a growth spurt that his foot and ankle ligaments just can’t support. Our goal at this point is to “save” the foot as much as possible until he is seen April 8th. Thanks for praying.

Locks of Love donation

Hoping to add more pictures later which were taken by the salon and should go up on their website in the next couple weeks.

Bekah and I hadn’t had our hair cut since early March of last year. No doubt, we were DUE for cuts! Having found that our original appointments on Friday conflicted with the home schooling Easter party, I called Tuesday to see if we could find another time. They were wide open – that day!

Neither Bekah nor I had any real clear idea of what we wanted to do with our hair and told our gals (simultaneous cuts at neighboring ‘stations’) we were open for suggestions. Bekah gave two ideas, either shoulder length or even it up with the growing out bangs – a difference of 2-3 inches. The ‘let’s try it at your shoulders and then see if we like it’ quickly turned to “What about donating to Locks of Love?” as Bekah’s stylist ooh’d and ahh’d over her amazing hair color. Bekah had the required 10″ to give if she went with the ‘evening up’ cut. Yeah, let’s do it! Then, my stylist started trying to figure out how much I wanted my length brought up. Before long, 10″ of my hair was marked off and the cutting of my donation began! Mother and daughter donations by a family who’d been touched personally by cancer. Powerful stuff. Was enough to drive Bekah’s stylist to make it her Facebook status (turns out she and I have mutual friends!).

Here are the drastic results:

Bekah's new look after having 10" cut off.

My new cut, blown as straight as it would go. The decreased weight really allowed the curl to come through. Now someone else gets to determine whether my hair is straight or curly. Hint: Don't add water if you like straight hair.

Trouble brews…

A week has gone by since the credit cards have been cut, my Census test was this morning, it's already a crazy emotional day for me, and now the car battery is dead and not taking a charge...

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