Locks of Love donation

Hoping to add more pictures later which were taken by the salon and should go up on their website in the next couple weeks.

Bekah and I hadn’t had our hair cut since early March of last year. No doubt, we were DUE for cuts! Having found that our original appointments on Friday conflicted with the home schooling Easter party, I called Tuesday to see if we could find another time. They were wide open – that day!

Neither Bekah nor I had any real clear idea of what we wanted to do with our hair and told our gals (simultaneous cuts at neighboring ‘stations’) we were open for suggestions. Bekah gave two ideas, either shoulder length or even it up with the growing out bangs – a difference of 2-3 inches. The ‘let’s try it at your shoulders and then see if we like it’ quickly turned to “What about donating to Locks of Love?” as Bekah’s stylist ooh’d and ahh’d over her amazing hair color. Bekah had the required 10″ to give if she went with the ‘evening up’ cut. Yeah, let’s do it! Then, my stylist started trying to figure out how much I wanted my length brought up. Before long, 10″ of my hair was marked off and the cutting of my donation began! Mother and daughter donations by a family who’d been touched personally by cancer. Powerful stuff. Was enough to drive Bekah’s stylist to make it her Facebook status (turns out she and I have mutual friends!).

Here are the drastic results:

Bekah's new look after having 10" cut off.

My new cut, blown as straight as it would go. The decreased weight really allowed the curl to come through. Now someone else gets to determine whether my hair is straight or curly. Hint: Don't add water if you like straight hair.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Joan
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 07:30:15

    Adorable! What a great cause to donate to!


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