A movie, a playdate, and another sleepover

Watching a "Mad" Science show prior to the start of "The Last Airbender"

Jordan & Bekah conduct electricity from a source to a light

Today started off with Mary here (she and Bekah watched 4 movies during their time together!), transitioned to Bekah going to Molly’s house, then getting Josiah so we could go to “The Last Airbender”, and finishing up with Josiah sleeping over. Ashley got home from Mason Lake in the afternoon and had a fantastic time away celebrating Kiersten’s 14th b’day.


Playdate and park

Bekah & Mary Teno in their matching hand-me-down shirts

4-square at Spruce Elementary

Bekah with her candle and cookies Pla-dough creation

Mary spent the day with us today. The girls enjoyed time at the park, playing pla-dough and in the yard where they found many raspberries, strawberries and carrots. Wow! The garden is producing!

Weekend BBQ

Looks like trouble!

Kiersten & Ashley on the swings (Rachel is hiding around the corner)

Gathered around the Farkle table!

Saturday evening we had the Mansfields and Fisker-Andersons over for BBQ chicken and salmon. Pretty good dinner and great company. Kids played outside and adults chatted before starting a game of Farkle.

UW Planetarium

UW Planetarium

Another Starlight special event was a trip to the Planetarium at the University of Washington. Last day with Josiah for the week, and all 4 kids came and had a great time!

Meadowdale Neighborhood Park

Jordan sits atop the slide that he just climbed!

Bekah & Josiah play with Chloe and their stuffed animals on the swings

Thursday brought a park day social with the home school group “Homeschooling His Way”. Always fun to get together with these ladies and their kids. Spent 2 hours there before heading home, grabbing lunch for 5 kids (Chloe came home with us, plus Ash, Bek, Jordan, & Josiah) and running off to Bekah’s last gymnastics session for the year.

And Happy Anniversary to my amazing grandparents who celebrate 65 years of marriage today! Love you so much!

Bob & Ginnie Bolles - best grandparents around!


Jordan throws rocks, Bekah hits the water

Starlight event for the Last Airbender movie

On the 3rd day of summer we went down to Seattle and enjoyed some time at Greenlake together. We arrived about an hour early for the Starlight event and played soccer in a drained wading pool (in background of above picture) and then walked around the lake a little. At 3:00 it was time for the Starlight event where the kids were provided with materials to make kites. They all had lots of fun and look forward to the sneak peak of the movie 5/29.

Working on their kites: Jordan, Josiah & Bekah

Jordan takes his kite for its first flight

Movies and Mariners

The Regal Cinemas free summer movies have started and we have 3 theaters within 10 miles to choose from which all show different movies. This week we picked “The Spy Next Door” down at Northgate Mall. Bad attitudes within the movie gave way to a pretty good flick.
Later in the day, Willie and I headed with our Bible Study group down to the Mariners game to watch them take on the Chicago Cubs. Despite not feeling great, it was a good time with the M’s winning 2-0 behind Jason Vargas.

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