What a day!

It was the end of an era today and, therefore, the start of another.

After more than 15 years of spending all day every day at home caring for, educating, and leading my kiddos, today marked a considerable change. Today, all 3 of my kids went to school.

Jordan & Bekah ready to go climb on the bus together

Just one week ago Willie and I made the decision that it was time for Bekah to start at public school, and following a 5 day weekend, she started. She joins Jordan at Hazelwood where she’s in Mrs. Johnson’s 3rd grade class of 23 students. She was welcomed by teachers and classmates, and then the entire school. Jordan was previously scheduled to do morning announcements on the intercom and was also permitted to welcome new student Rebekah Bodger to Hazelwood. So cute.

The new student had just 2 questions: “What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom?” and “When’s lunch?”

After a little video taping (couldn’t resist!) in Bekah’s classroom and overseeing the transition, Bekah asked me ‘When are you going to go?’ I think “now” is the correct answer. I took the hint, and headed out the door.

And I didn’t even cry!

3 kids in school.

I waited all day for the phone’s caller i.d. to register “Edmonds School District”. It never happened!

Five and a half hours kid-free. Felt like Bekah was at a playdate or something. It doesn’t seem possible that it will occur day after day. No more arguments. No more battles of the will. No more trying to motivate Bekah to do her work with a good attitude. Strange.

And then the kicker.

Ashley came home at 2:12. She complained her belly hurt, took some medicine, did a couple other things, and as I re-opened the front door to take out some recycling she says “Oh, I was going to grab that!” What? The garbage? A bag of dirty cat litter? What?

She bolted past me and grabbed a pink vase from the porch table complete with red rose, greens, and a ribbon, and announced in a shocked sort of way, “I got asked out today!”


I couldn’t do anything but laugh; and laugh; and laugh. Willie was upstairs and came down to see what the raucous was. And there was Ashley standing there holding her flower. She then pulled out the previously attached card which said, “Will you go out with me?” and was signed by a BOY! He’d drawn a little flower on it and everything. Apparently, he came over to her while she was eating lunch with her friends and placed the flower in front of her on the lunch table.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to burst my romantic bubble and discover that she wasn’t exactly excited about this boy. Bummer.

But still, sooooo romantic!


Not that she’d be allowed to date yet, anyway, but still…

Now she just has to deal with telling him ‘No thanks’. (I told her a note was fine and she could just blame it on us.)

Meanwhile, I am left to reel from these firsts: my youngest went to school and my oldest got asked out. All in the same day.

What a day.




Target & Walgreens trip: $1.21 TOTAL!

OK, this is almost TOO good to be true.

From Target, I got:

1 Quantum Finish dishwashing tabs 10 ct (2/$5)

2 UP Dryer sheets ($1.37 ea)

2 3-pks of Dentyne Pure gum ($1.79 ea)

2 UP Ibuprofen 24 ct ($.97 ea)

2 Purina Whisker Lickin’s ($.97 ea)

2 pair women’s jeans (originally $19.99, now 75% off)


I paid $1.11 and saved $24.24

That ‘saved’ amount reflects today’s prices, not what the markdowns are. Meaning that the sales ($15.02 off each pair of jeans, $.20 off 2 packs of gum, and $1.29 from the Quantum dish tabs) aren’t included in that amount. That’d add another $31.61 saved!


Then I went to Walgreen’s and got 5 packages of clearance Skittles for $.10!

Pretty good morning!

$20 and 2 hours on a Sunday

Walmart + Petsmart + RiteAid + QFC = 73% savings today

This afternoon I gathered up my coupons, a $20 bill, some change, and headed out to a few local stores. Here’s what I ended up with:

Walmart: (Spent $6.33)

2 – AquaFresh Extreme Clean toothpaste (travel size) ($.97 ea) – Used 2 $1/1 coupons

Nivea men’s face wash ($4.94)

3 – Tissue paper (Clearance: $.25 ea)


Petsmart: (Spent $.48)

Science Diet dog food (6lb) Sale: $5.00 – Used 1 $5/1 coupon


RiteAid: (Spent $10, and got a total of $30 back in +Up Rewards to use on another trip)

3 Chex Mix ($1.50 ea) – Used $.50 Rite Aid Video Values & Rain Check & $1/1 coupon from Safeway football coupon book

5 Oberto beef jerky (2/$5) – Used 5 $.50 Video Value coupons & 3 $1/1 peelies found on product

2 Starburst fruit chews (2/$1) – Used $.25 Video Value coupon & $.50/2 manufacturer coupon

Triaminic value pack ($7.99) – Used $2/1 manufacturer coupon

(Also used $5/$20 Video Value coupon & $3 +Up Rewards)


QFC: (Spent $4.42)

2 dozen eggs ($.99 ea) – Used $.50/2 egg coupon

Sugar Free Fruit Bars for the sick girl… ($2.99)


Total spent: $21.23

Total value: $78.32

Total savings: $57.09 or 73%

AND, I have $30 in +UP Rewards to use at Rite Aid in the future!

Rite Aid & Target deals!

Super day out shopping at Rite Aid, and then I tagged on some stuff at Target as well. The Target stuff brought the total up but I still got a major amount of goods for under $15.

Here’s how the first stop went:

My out of pocket: $2

4 boxes of Frosted Flakes

14 cans of Chicken Noodle or Tomato soup

2 Olay Regenerist cleansers

2 Colgate Total toothpastes

1 Comet cleanser

Then came Target.

The Target trip added $12.95 – for a total of $14.95.

3 Clorox toilet bowl cleansers

3 pair knee high socks

16 boxes Brachs conversation hearts

1 bag Brachs conversation hearts

Why use coupons?

Because they allowed me to spend $9.77 on this entire shopping order!

Yep, $9.77

4 Tony’s pizzas

3 Stouffers Mac n cheese entrees

3 Hillshire Farms deli meats

Betty Crocker cake mix

Betty Crocker ready spread frosting

2 Bar-S hotdogs

SweeTarts lollipops

& Yakisoba noodles

Yesterday, was good too…

$4.25 for all of this

14 cans of Campbell’s Chunky soup

4 packs of hot dog and hamburger buns

Finish Quantomatic