Target & Walgreens trip: $1.21 TOTAL!

OK, this is almost TOO good to be true.

From Target, I got:

1 Quantum Finish dishwashing tabs 10 ct (2/$5)

2 UP Dryer sheets ($1.37 ea)

2 3-pks of Dentyne Pure gum ($1.79 ea)

2 UP Ibuprofen 24 ct ($.97 ea)

2 Purina Whisker Lickin’s ($.97 ea)

2 pair women’s jeans (originally $19.99, now 75% off)


I paid $1.11 and saved $24.24

That ‘saved’ amount reflects today’s prices, not what the markdowns are. Meaning that the sales ($15.02 off each pair of jeans, $.20 off 2 packs of gum, and $1.29 from the Quantum dish tabs) aren’t included in that amount. That’d add another $31.61 saved!


Then I went to Walgreen’s and got 5 packages of clearance Skittles for $.10!

Pretty good morning!


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