Today’s deals

Target, Rite Aid & Albertsons: $7.57 spent, saved $40.23!

Ok, yes, there is Kraft Mac N’ Cheese and frozen fries (sweet potato is a little healthier!), but look at all those great, name brand, and high cost items!

Here’s what I scored today:

Target: Spent $1.47

Shout travel wipes ($.97; $1/1 coupon)

Propel (Price cut on grape $.79;  (2) $1/2 coupon)

Rite Aid: Spent $1.66! Got $4 +UP rewards to use on my next trip.

Planters peanuts ($4.49; $1 store coupon)

Kashi Cereal x 3 ($3 each; $2 coupon)

Eucerin Body wash & travel size creme ($7.99; $2 store coupon & $1/1 coupon)

Cottonelle TP double roll 12 pack ($6.99; $1/1 store coupon & $.50 coupon)

Nivea lip care x4 ($1; $2/2 coupons) FREE!

Albertsons: Spent $4.44

Honey Bunches of Oats x 2 ($2.50; $1/1 coupon + doubler)

Kraft Mac N’ Cheese 5 pack ($4.79; $1/1 coupon + doubler)

Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries x 2 ($3; $2/4 store coupon & $1/1 coupons + doublers) FREE!

Tomato paste ($.65 – sometimes there are NO coupons!)

And so goes this week’s ads. Looks like more Twice the Value coupons are coming on Sunday!

(Thanks to & for all their brilliant match-ups that allow me to save soooo much!)


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