Heard around here

Jordan: “Mom, I totally need to get my hair cut. I can’t go to school lookin’ like THIS.”


Morning Moments

A couple weeks ago the 9:00 hour rolled around and Bekah still hadn’t rolled out of bed. I headed upstairs and the following conversation ensued:

Me, “Come on,Bekah-boo, you need to get up and get going.”

Bekah, laying in bed, “I’m waiting for you to get me clothes.” (Which I never do!)

Me: “Are you kidding me?” I pick out some random clothes and toss them on her.

Bekah: “Are you kidding me? Those don’t even match!”

I’m still laughing.

The Bible according to Rebekah – age 5

Her theology is a little confused at points (she figures God must be angry with the Jewish people for crucifying Him), but it’s still very cute…

Kids say…

When my folks were in town last week we enjoyed a little jam time with RockBand. During one of our sessions, Bekah was on vocals while Jordan, Grampa and I played the other instruments. Willie thought it was cute enough for a photo and grabbed the camera. No sooner had Willie snapped the shot than Bekah dropped her mic from her mouth and quickly said to Dad:

“No flash photography!”

Ding Dong

My kids crack me up! Here’s a video I ran across today of Jordan. He made it sometime in the last couple weeks when he jumped onto the Mac. Nice way to remember the little guy’s sense of humor on his birthday. There’s a little story behind it.

Our church’s AWANA program is run at the local middle school. The kids are bussed there each Wednesday night and Jordan has a love-hate relationship with the bus. It’s too loud and he doesn’t usually have anyone to sit with – I guess it mostly just stinks.

Our friend, Kim Johnson, brings the only redemption to the bus ride for Jordan – she insists on quiet. Well, last week she suggested they play the ‘quiet game’ where being quiet the longest is the way to win the game. Every now and then you get a kid who is ‘above this’. One of these kids is a kid named Ethan. Ethan was much more content to make noise and draw attention to himself than play by the rules. So what’s Jordan do? Stands up on the moving bus, turns around, and yells to Ethan, “You’re a ding dong, Ethan!” Since then, this ‘ding dong’ thing has brought a chuckle from a number of us…

Kids say…

The darndest things, again.

The other day the girls and I piled into the van and Ashley discovered her nail file broken in two in the back seat. Recalling that Bekah had asked me the other day “How do you break a pencil?” and I dumbly explained that she should grab either end and put it in front of her knee and pull back, I knew she was the culprit. (I did tell her at the time that just because she knows how to do it she didn’t need to do it again.)

Knowing that both girls had received the same file for Christmas, I told Bekah she needed to give hers to Sissy. “Waaaah! She has enough, she doesn’t need mine!” Praying for quick wisdom on this, I recounted how she needed to not only apologize but make restitution and went on to refer to the OT and ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Obviously confused, Bekah said ‘What?! You mean if you poke someone in the eye you have to give them your tooth so the tooth fairy can give them money for it??”

Oh my. Forget it.

Kids say…

…the darndest things.

While at the dentist the other day, I grabbed the Children’s Atlas of the US. I flipped it open to WA and asked Jordan to show me where we lived. Seattle — perfect. Next question, ‘this city right here, why does it have a star by it?’ Hesitantly at first, Jordan says, “Ummm” and then bursts out with what he seemed to think was the absolute 100% correct answer: “STARBUCKS?!”

Everyday fun.