Willie’s Facebook Status regarding Jordan’s game May 7th

So, for those of of you that know my Jordan… At his baseball game Friday night, Jordan played his first game without his walker. The entire game with no assistance. He batted (coach pitch) by himself, rounded the bases by himself, played the field by himself, actually went toward ground balls, played catcher. All by himself with no assistance. At all. It was very cool to see!!


Jordan’s foot

Ever wondered what a fallen arch looks like? Here’s what Jordan’s right foot looked like as of yesterday.

One view

And when he raises his toes. Nothing very normal about that.

Sleepover for Bekah

Following the Home schooling Easter party today Bekah was begging for Genna to come over for the night. Despite some illness this past week, I obliged. Apparently, the girls think they’re visiting the spa. Nails, bubble bath, lounging in jammies and watching Pippi Longstocking. Wow, the life of a kid is pretty good.

Two little swimsuit-clad girls enjoying their bubble bath with snacks behind them.

Meanwhile, Ashley is at a birthday party sleepover, which means Jordan – odd man out – is asking for a sleepover with Mom and Dad. He was hanging with Willie tonight when Jordan says “Dad, I like you… And you know, I like you two.” Willie and I. How sweet is that?

First day of spring 2010

It’s warm! Gotta head outside. Once some household stuff was taken care of both in and out of the house we packed up and headed across the way to the Lake Sammamish area and Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Area – one of our favorite places.

And we're off!

Once the sun comes out, all Bekah can think about is water. March 21st and she's got on a swimsuit in Seattle!

She did confess that the water was cold.

Where Bekah thinks water, Jordan's thoughts immediately go to "'throwing rocks in the water', a favorite past time.

As we meandered down the trails, we eventually came to a bird sanctuary where dogs could go but had to be leashed. More water was located...

Ashley took hold of the camera and rock skipping began

It was so amazing to me that the trees could still be so bare and yet the temperatures be so comfortable.

The maiden, stripped to just her swimsuit

Down a great bridge trail with no idea where it went, just hoping we were actually on a 'loop'.

Aha! The Lake! Mom and Bekah at the end of the dock

Willie and Jordan reach the end of the dock

What was intended to be a family photo shoot - cut short by a wicked inch long splinter in Jordan's palm.

The girl with the camera! She did a great job. So many nature shots I could never post them all.

Quite a long walk. Jordan started complaining that his feet hurt. Should have paid a little more attention to that...

The good news: A gorgeous, 71 degree family day

The not so pleasant part was that even by the next morning, Jordan’s right instep looked horrendous. Puffy, purple, really scary. I thought he was going to end up with a serious pressure sore. The last few days have been spent purchasing new shoes he can wear without the splints (which he was rubbing on and caused the skin problem), adjusting the splints, back and forth conversations with physical therapist, and several calls to Children’s to set up appts. with orthopedists. It appears that Jordan’s instep has fallen more than 1/2″ in the last 4-6 weeks. He seems to be hitting a growth spurt that his foot and ankle ligaments just can’t support. Our goal at this point is to “save” the foot as much as possible until he is seen April 8th. Thanks for praying.

Celebrating Jordan’s 12th Birthday!

Jordan’s last pre-teen year – wow. The morning of Jordan’s birthday we sat at breakfast and asked Jordan what he wanted to do at the end of the day to celebrate his birthday. “Open presents and have cake,” he said. Sounds pretty obvious except for the fact that Jordan has NEVER asked for a birthday cake in his life. It had never crossed my mind! Thank you Ashley for cranking that out by the end of the day. Once we were all home (he was last), he got to do his presents, have some dinner, cake, and then have a movie evening.

Additionally, he’s been talking about going to Great Wolf Lodge for nearly a year now. When a great deal came up for home schooling families we jumped on it, celebrated his special day a couple weeks later, and headed to Grand Mound, WA for a family overnight mini-vacation.

Happy Birthday, Jordan! We love your quirky personality that always surprises us. Your sense of humor is amazing and your determination and faithfulness are so admirable. You are precious to us and our Heavenly Father.

It's my birthday!

Skyping with Gramma & Grampa for the first time

Celebrating with his "Ding Dong" friend, Mr. Keith on Super Bowl Sunday. Thanks for the cake, Kim!

Heading into Great Wolf Lodge on a balmy, February afternoon in WA.

Jordan and the Great Wolf mascot (I'm sure he has some name...)

Getting battered in the wave pool

Basketball in the water was where Jordan parked it for hours.

BAHA surgery went great!

Wow – time flies!

Jordan’s Stage II surgery for the BAHA went great and the doctor was very pleased with how the posts had osseointegrated. The soft tissue work was done at this last surgery as well as adding the abutment. He’s had his post-operative appointment and is scheduled to receive his processor (hearing aid box) on MONDAY!

Here are a couple photos…


This is what Jordan's head looked like the day after surgery - 10/24. There is a disc covering the surgical site which is wrapped with a strip of Vaseline gauze.



This is what the site looked like the day after the post-op appointment when the disc was removed. (The disc snaps on and off, and stays in place except for times when we add ointment to the site.)

The site is healing very well. The biggest issue seems to be a disturbance to his balance for some reason. His aid at school, therapist at horse riding, and also a volunteer at riding therapy all noted some atypical instability in Jordan. Not sure what that’s all about. Appreciate your prayers.

BAHA surgery Phase II is here!

Jordan’s check-in time at Children’s is at 8:45 Friday morning. Surgery will start about an hour and a half after that and will last about an hour fifteen minutes. Recovery will be 1-2 hours and then we head home. Jordan is very ready to have his BAHA! (We’re trying to help him understand that this process still isn’t over. He still has to heal for 2 weeks before the actual amplification box delivery appointment occurs.)
We much appreciate your prayers for Jordan’s safety, our peace, and the girls as they will be home (and are both fighting the flu).

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