Cody’s “Bodger Birthday”!

September 24, 2012

Cody is finally, officially, a Bodger!



Father’s Day 2012


All these guys gathered to honored the big guy in the middle with all the grey hair, John. Thanks to Jason for hosting everyone, as this was the first time all the boys had been together on Father’s Day in over 20 years. Quite an accomplishment.

To honor their dad, Ashley & Bekah used Willie’s new lawn mower to get instruction and mow the lawn for the 1st time.



Way to go girls! 

And, being in the country for Father’s Day has its benefits. Jason took Ashley for her 1st drive. 


Happy Father’s Day to one great guy. I love you, Willie!

I am tired of the last post… Gotta put something new up


Obviously, it’s been a long time since I blogged. Been a little busy around here.

Cody has now been with our family for over 6 months, and I just contacted the attorney today about getting the finalization of the adoption set!

Bekah has finished her first MSP testing, and survived, though after the 1st day I wasn’t sure she would.

Jordan is participating in his 6th year of baseball, and is helping manage his school’s track team.

Ashley is days away from her first AP test. Big, scary deal.

Willie is now working at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, and enjoying it!

I am just about into a routine, and before long it will all be thrown out the window as summer vacation arrives.

Movies and Mariners

The Regal Cinemas free summer movies have started and we have 3 theaters within 10 miles to choose from which all show different movies. This week we picked “The Spy Next Door” down at Northgate Mall. Bad attitudes within the movie gave way to a pretty good flick.
Later in the day, Willie and I headed with our Bible Study group down to the Mariners game to watch them take on the Chicago Cubs. Despite not feeling great, it was a good time with the M’s winning 2-0 behind Jason Vargas.

Willie’s Facebook Status regarding Jordan’s game May 7th

So, for those of of you that know my Jordan… At his baseball game Friday night, Jordan played his first game without his walker. The entire game with no assistance. He batted (coach pitch) by himself, rounded the bases by himself, played the field by himself, actually went toward ground balls, played catcher. All by himself with no assistance. At all. It was very cool to see!!

Trouble brews…

A week has gone by since the credit cards have been cut, my Census test was this morning, it's already a crazy emotional day for me, and now the car battery is dead and not taking a charge...

Dumping Debt, Dave Ramsey style

One of the first steps to dumping debt. Cut up those cards so they can't be used any more.

Life is changing around here. Willie and I have started Dave Ramsey’s ‘Financial Peace University’ and it is creating major changes to the way we do things. I am so thankful to be rid of the cards (if only the debt on them went that easily!). With $1,000 in savings, next step is to attack our debt with gazelle intensity. For us, that’s included selling, selling, selling on Craigslist (nearly $350 brought in so far and lots more to go), cutting back in many areas, and looking at increased employment. For instance, I tested for a census taker job this morning. Evening and weekend work, $17.50/hr. Not my ideal life, but a great solution for the short-term. Jobs will last through September I’ve been told.

Now we watch for the challenges that come whenever a good thing is started.

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