Family Video from 1998 – Birch Bay multi-family vacation


A favorite video – for the kids

New Page

I have added a new page to the blog. You’ll find it listed above on the ‘bar’. I will be using it to post our family’s prayer needs. It’d be great if you’d leave a comment that you’d been there are praying for us.


Camera owie

Oh, pain. My camera fell off of a chair while in it’s case, and yet the lens cap jammed onto the lens and shattered the filter. Thankfully, it was only the filter that was ruined and not the lens itself.

I tried taking it to a mall camera store but he had nothing to offer. Super hubby to the rescue! He grabbed two different pair of pliers and got both the lens cap and then the filter off. Both were very stuck. Thank you so much, Honey! I’ll need to replace the filter but I’m so thankful it works!

Road trip day 2

We made it to Rapid City last night. It was much later than I’d hoped but we had a nice stop at the Little Bighorn Battlefield (Custer’s last stand).

Can’t blog on the road when we’re driving, but still hope to get some pics up soon!

Mt. Rushmore today!! Watch for updates from each day’s writing that I did along the way!

So much blogging to do so little time…

So, we’re off on our big road trip this morning and I am so far behind on my blog it’s really bugging me! I have drafts written of our garden, Ashley’s allergy shots, Jordan’s school choir performance, his field day, and so much more – ugh. Well, I’ll see what I can get done on the road – who knows?!

Love to all,


P.S. Billings, MT is today’s destination!

Ride the Ducks

Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation has brightened our family’s life for over 5 years due to the chronic nature of Jordan’s illness. We have done all kinds of fun events with them – including Jordan throwing out the first pitch. The latest event was to “Ride the Ducks” through downtown Seattle. I have thought this looked like fun ever since I first saw the odd vehicle, and boy was it!

We were blessed to see long-time friends Jon and Camille Pook and their four children there, something truly orchestrated by God. Before we left the house Bekah asked if there would be anyone she knew on the “duck”, to which I had to reply “not that I know of…” But God knew just what would make this an absolute perfect time for Bekah. Occasionally, Starlight teams up with other community programs as fundraising opportunities, and this was one of those times. Starlight and Swedish Hospital created a partnership and as the kick-off, families from both programs were invited to Ride the Ducks. The Pook family is part of Swedish’s program, we’re a part of Starlight, and God’s a part of both! How cool is that?! Bekah had such a great time bouncing on the seat with Kendra and Sophia. AND, it was covered by media (TV and print/protography) and the girls made it on the 9, 10, and 11:00 news!! They were quite the cuties ‘sitting’ together on the bouncy bench seat.

(The woman seated in front of us with the baby is Starlight’s fearless Family Coordinator, Erin Behen, with her cutie son, Brenden.)

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