Family Prayer Requests

January 12, 2010: Jordan is wearing his hearing aid successfully! He enjoys it and we even laughed tonight about him sounding like Rudolph (from the movie of the same name) due to the feedback loop and squeals he can produce with it.

Willie’s job with the middle schoolers ended at the end of 2009 and so now we are once again praying for financial provision. The full salary at Laplink hasn’t yet been restored and even canceling cable will leave ends tight. A job opportunity was presented to him today and we appreciate your prayers regarding our finances, particularly as we endeavor to follow the Lord’s leading in adoption.

Another home study visit will be conducted Friday, 1/15/10. The first was 12/11/09. There will probably be a total of 5 visits before the entire report is written and we are on the ‘waiting list’ for a child. Each day is one day closer to meeting our new family member. Thank you for praying for our family to be prepared. It is surely a spiritual battle, and Bekah’s behavior is constant reminder of that. We are really struggling with her attitude right now. We are continually striving to become a better family as we wait. Family meetings continue each Sunday evening.

Jordan is loving his Cheerios breakfast each morning. His big accomplishment last week was 3 Cheerios at a time!!! He’s so proud of himself and is getting so much better at it that he didn’t even need a napkin to wipe his face until half way through the meal!

October 16, 2009: Thankful for the Lord’s provision in finances: paycut reduced to 10% and the addition of another job. Starting Sept. 1 Willie took on the position of Middle School Youth Director at our church. He splits his days between this job and that of Laplink. But now that both Ashley and Jordan are in middle school it is really neat to be involved in this area with them.

Jordan’s oral surgery went well. His follow-up appointment gave him the all-clear and he’s feeling really good. His stress level going into the surgery was really low and he didn’t require any anti-anxiety medication at all.

Jordan is beginning to taste more and more by mouth! He ate Honey Nut Cheerios with milk the last 3 days in a row – started with 3 the first day and worked up to about 5. He tries some of our dinner every night as well!

We appreciate your continued prayers for the adoption. Wisdom and perseverence as we fill out paperwork, and wisdom for all those who will be involved with our case (social workers, judges, current foster parents, birth parents, etc.). We are also praying that the child God has for us would have His protection and love during these uncertain days. Please also pray that he/she would desire a forever family and look forward to the day we meet.

August 9, 2009: Praying that the Lord would be glorified and we would be conformed more to His image in all we encounter in this life. Finances are very tight with the continuing 20% pay cut. Any money that was available from refinancing at the beginning of the cut is now gone. As we learn more and more to rely on Him in prayer for all things, I find myself praying more. I know he can provide the exact amounts of $ required and keep our ailing dish washer functioning or provide a new one in our price range – free!

Jordan: School starting back up (I finally got all his end of the year papers looked through!) before too long, oral surgery next month and the 2nd stage of the BAHA surgery in October.

Adoption: We’re accepted into the program! Only 2 months until the PRIDE training weekend – over 30 hours in just 3 days!! Gotta find something to do with the kids.

May 18, 2009: Jordan will be having his oral surgery tomorrow around 10:00 AM. He’ll have 7 baby teeth removed that aren’t falling out on their own.

Adoption: We have been assigned a case manager and just a few updates. The 3-day training weekend which we thought was happening in July isn’t happening. The most recent was this past weekend and the next will not be until October. We still have FBI background checks to complete and Willie’s birth certificate to be copied and sent off. After that, interviews will be set up. The delay is a bit frustrating, but I am reminded that it’s God’s timing and if there is a somebody out there for us that child will be ready at just the perfect time.

March 20, 2009:

Jordan: Surgery dates have been set. BAHA will be done Friday, April 24th while my brother Wes and sis Kara are here. Oral surgery is set for Tuesday, May 19th.

March 16. 2009:

Family: Willie got news today that effective immediately, he has a 20% pay cut. (Thank God that we have almost completed a refinance on the house.) His employer is calling it a “20% deferment” with the big IF being that the business must recover by July 1 at which point they’d pay it back. The other option for him is to quit. He’s hoping to work from home (for Laplink) 3 days each week so he can do some additional side jobs during the week. He’d be in the office Tues/Thurs. Thankful to know where our hope is, but still covet your prayers. We were barely making it before the cut.

Steph: I’ve been asked to give my testimony (20-30 minutes) at our church’s upcoming women’s retreat April 3-5. Please pray as I prepare for this. I’ve never spoken to a group, to say nothing of this length of time. I’d like guidance for which words to include.

Jordan: Finally back to school today after missing the last 12 of 15 school days. He had a virus followed by very low energy and then got ‘junky lungs’ which were treated with antibiotics last week. He had a good day today!

March 4, 2008:

Adoption: I got the application packet hand-delivered to Antioch Adoptions’ Program Director. Now we wait for back-ground checks and either a phone call to set up pre-screening interviews or a letter of denial. This step is expected to take about a month.

March 1, 2oo9:

Jordan: Apnea machine isn’t going so well. Fitting a mask over his small nose and mouth without further damaging his left eye from blowing air has proved to be quite an issue, to say nothing of his just plain not wanting to sleep with it on. He’ll wear it for 30-45 minutes before he sleeps, but hasn’t fallen asleep with it since Thanksgiving – and that was the only time it has happened at all.

Heading to Children’s in the morning for appointments with oral surgery (11:30), the audiologist (2:30) and the otolaryngologist (4:00). We’ll be addressing those stubborn teeth that just won’t fall out along with Jordan’s candidacy for the BAHA hearing aid. He missed 4 of 5 days of school last week due to respiratory crud. Went to school Wednesday only to come home with a fever.

Me: Still trying to plug away at writing. It’s slow right now, as my only time is during Ashley’s drama practice and amounts to about an hour and a half. I’ve written around 175 pages, basically meaning that a lot of it will have to be chopped. It’s been a good process for me though. In ‘Jordan’s journey’ I’ve made it up through radiation treatment. That was a tough, lonely time and I’m dragging my feet through this section.

Our family: Pray for us as we pursue foster-adoption through Antioch Adoptions. It will be a lengthy road, at least a year, plus all the adjustment time following that. We feel strongly that the Lord is leading us this direction, and although there are many uncertainties and things that could be scary, for the sake of Jesus we’re moving ahead.

Thanks for your prayers.

December 1, 2008:

Jordan: Apnea machine. We got his BiPAP last Tuesday and haven’t had a night’s sleep with it yet. Wednesday night he kept it on (after numerous times adjusting it), but awoke with it crooked it on his face and pressure spots in two places on his face. The spots remained on the left side of his face for most of Thanksgiving Day. Last night he wore it for a while (an hour) and then we took it off. The mask is just too big for his face. Air blows into his eyes (and he doesn’t need any further assaults to his eyes), and we noticed last night that his breathing was worse once he took it off. Seemed some saliva had gone done into his airway and he just couldn’t clear it. I was concerned about pneumonia last night but he said he felt fine this morning and headed off to school.

Bekah: Surgery went great!

Me: Please pray with me as I continue writing. I’ve gotten 50,000 words done, but still a long way to go. I learn a lot as I go back through all of this stuff, but it is very emotional at times as well. For instance, as I anticipated finishing up Jordan’s chemotherapy from Jan-April I thought the writing would go quickly, then realized I’d have to go through Shelby’s death to get there. Just lots of twists and turns, just like the journey itself. This book is being written to provide a testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness and Satan would like nothing more than for it to fail. Reflecting back on our lives is an amazing way to see the Lord’s hand, and the attacks come strong.

November 17, 2008:

Jordan has an ENT appointment today. We have a long list of things to discuss: BAHA hearing aid candidacy, nerve reinervation, vocal cord function, status of tonsils and adenoids.

Jordan is also sick with a cold which is causing a lot of coughing. He has been so tired in the mornings recently. I hate sending him in late day after day, but if he’s so tired he’s still sleeping I can’t justify shoving him on the bus, that can only lead to a decrease in his ability to fight off bugs. Hopefully the sleep machine will help.

Bekah – Having oral surgery on Friday to remove an extra tooth in the front top of her mouth. She will require anesthesia.

Jordan – sleep apnea machine should be coming this week.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aubrey Cranson
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 19:53:26

    I’ve been thinking about Jordan a lot lately and have been praying for him. (and praying for you too!) We will certainly pray for Bekah’s surgery this week, and hopefully she will heal up quickly and be ready to chow down on some turkey.


  2. Gammy & Pa
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 18:25:04

    We just finished looking at yourmost recent blog. We most certainly will be praying special for Bekah’s surgery tomorrow. She must take after her grandmother, Dianna, she had extra teeth that had to be extracted too. Also Jordan gets special prayers for his sleep apnea.He and his uncle Wes can relate to that health problem big time. Talk to you soon!


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