April snow showers bring… dead plants?

Tulips under an 8\We have gotten a freak snow storm today. Not just flurries, but an honest to goodness storm. I don’t think we got this much snow combined all winter. As of 11PM, we had 8 inches on the ground!
I wasn’t far from home this evening – only in Edmonds – but my friend’s power went out! Must have been the heavy snow on the lines. Cars were everywhere, and I even had to leave my van there and have Willie come pick me up! It was just too slick to try to get it out of their driveway. Oh well, a little excitement in mid-April is entertaining.
Jordan had a couple doctor’s appointments this morning to try to evaluate his vestibular (inner ear blanance) system. The testing was challenging for him. Here’s a¬†picture (taken with my phone) Goggles for VNG testof him in the goggles. Willie called him “Bugman”. We’ll follow-up with a well-known therapist whenever I can get an appt. scheduled with her. Currently, Jordan is in Auburn at a camp. He’s called twice wanting to come home – within 5 hours of leaving. Hopefully he’ll make it through the night. It’s been a long and busy day. He must be exhausted.
I helped with final costume fittings for Suessical: The Musical today. It is going to be great.
Bekah’s the only kiddo home tonight – Jordan’s at camp and Ashley’s at Summer’s. Tomorrow, depending on the snow, I guess, we’ll have to go back and pick up my van. I’m hoping to make it to Cindy’s stamp party tomorrow, and then see Jordan before I head off with 9 girlfriends for our Girls’ Night Out – dinner and comedian Anita Renfroe! Fun stuff!