Willie’s Facebook Status regarding Jordan’s game May 7th

So, for those of of you that know my Jordan… At his baseball game Friday night, Jordan played his first game without his walker. The entire game with no assistance. He batted (coach pitch) by himself, rounded the bases by himself, played the field by himself, actually went toward ground balls, played catcher. All by himself with no assistance. At all. It was very cool to see!!


Marriage Retreat at Whistler’s Four Seasons Resort

Over Willie’s birthday weekend we had the opportunity to make our 3rd trip to Whistler with our church. Here are a few pictures…

Lunch on the way up with Kaases and Hawkinsons

Willie and Steph up at Whistler

Back side of the Four Seasons

Lunch with friends

More friends at lunch in Whistler Village

Willie and Keith inhaled an insane amount of nachos (all of it!)

At dinner with long-time friends

With many Olympic sights around Whistler removed, we made our way off the beaten path to the Whistler Sliding Centre.

A view down the luge track from the ending point where the athletes climbed out and did interviews.

Memorial for Georgian luger - along with the wall that was quickly erected to prevent further incidents at this spot.

Official room of some sort

Willie and Steph by the results board up at the end of the race. (The finish line was actually at the bottom of the hill.)

Bekah heads to overnight camp for the 1st time – ever

Who had to fight tears? Yep, the mom who’s never had to send her baby away. Yep, I home school her, spend most moments with her, never parted to send her to kindergarten, and am now dealing with the tears of my youngest child growing enough to head to the 2nd – 5th grade, one night away, in Issaquah, camp experience. Wow. How time flies. Our pastor put it best the other day when he referred to time passing by saying “Trust me, I’m sending my preschooler to college in the fall!”

Getting checked in with Ms. Kim

Jordan and Bekah say good bye

Love, love, love

"Bye" some more

Sitting on the bus with friends brought smiles

Alderwood Community Church bus - hopefully it doesn't break down...

Carolina, Bekah, and Bella - roomies!

When Bekah returned she said she missed me lots, but others reported that she did just fine.

In the notebook she brought, I found the following:

“It was so fun. the chaple was lowd [loud] we sang the bannana song on and we sang a tatet atutetu the song was a holy god song and I loved it so much”

Don’t recall what the song was, but she sure loved it.

Next year ought to be easier…

(While Bekah was gone, the remaining family members watched Avatar. Liked it!)

Easter 2010

Easter egg hunt at the Mansfield's. This year, Sherice put a twist on it and made it similar to "The Amazing Race".

Jordan shows his increasing ability to get around

Making 'Empty Tomb Cookies' with the kids the night before Easter

"G-O-D" - they think

Happy Easter, Bekah!

Happy Easter, Ashley!

Happy Easter, Jordan!

The kids after the 8:30AM Easter service

Our lovely family

Following Easter service, most of us headed home. Meanwhile, Ashley stayed for her regularly scheduled teaching time with the kindergartners. We picked her up around 11 and then headed up north to Grandma Lynn’s. The other Bodgers (Jason, Christy & kids) were in Mexico since Jason was home for a brief stay from Iraq. It was a small gathering but relaxing.
Celebrating the Lord’s resurrection is truly an amazing privilege.